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What is adoration?

act of reverence or worship;feeling of profound devotion. In theCatholic Chruch, Adoration usually refers to the act of "adoring"the blessed sacrament, or Eucharist. The Eucha (MORE)

What rhymes with adore?

It's not all the gore I adore, I'm sort of squeamish, but what I do wish; standing sadly in a door, is that she adore like I adore, like I amore! All dressed in black, sh (MORE)

What rhymes with adored?

Rhymes with adored: . Abhorred . Aboard . Absorbed . Accord . Afford . Board . Bored . Chored . Chord . Cord . Cored . Doored . Enamored . Explored . Fjord (MORE)
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Does adorable have an adverb?

Yes, it does. The adjective adorable has the adveb form "adorably"(in a very cute way).

Is dogs adorable?

well yeah they are because they are so little and i just saw a video on a dog giving birth to a pup yeah it was nasty oh yeah gotta talk.
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How do you look adorable?

Dress up like a little child of about 6 years of age and make sure you go around with the biggest puppy dog eyes.
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Is adore a verb?

Yes, "adore" is a verb and means "to worship" or "to love with one's entire heart and soul." Adoration is a noun. Adorable is an adjective.