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What does adriane mean?

Adriane means nothing. It is just a name for a girl. Plu, my name is Adriane. Later!!! It means Dark. GENIUS(to the answer above) . Adriane means dark and Adriane is not j (MORE)
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Who is adriane charday?

She is thewarrior in the Avalon series. She is bonded to a mistwolf namedDreamer and has a mistwolf paladin named StormBringer. Adriane is aloner type girl in the beginning of (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Adriane McLean been in?

Adriane McLean has: Played herself in "The John Kerwin Show" in 2001. Played Petula in "1000 Ways to Die" in 2008. Played Auditioner in "Candy Girls" in 2009. Played Mrs. Dunc (MORE)