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What is the difference between an adsorbent and an absorbent?

A material said to be absorbent indicates its ability to carry a certain amount of liquid in its interstice, or little chamber like in a sponge. In the case of a textile fabri ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between adsorbent and adsorbate?

adsorbent is a substance that is usually porous in nature with high surface area that can adsorb substances onto its surface with the help of intermolecular forces while the a ( Full Answer )
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Easily liquifiable gases are readily adsorbable why?

easily liquifiable gases like Cl2, NH3,SO2,HCl are readily adsorbed because the critical temp of these gases are more. so it is easily liquified and adsorbed more readily.[c ( Full Answer )
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What is the role of adsorbent in pollution abatement?

Adsorbents can be used in both air and water pollution control. In water pollution they are principally used in the collection of trace oil slicks from surface waters as a ( Full Answer )
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Does sand adsorb water good?

Sand grains do not absorb water, but each grain's surface does have an affinity for water. So water can easily fit in between the grains of sand, actually wicking in from adja ( Full Answer )
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What are the few names of adsorbing substances?

Adsorbsion happens on the surfaces of metals; platinum is particularly good, but any other metal such as steel, zinc, etc., can do it. It happens less with aluminum because of ( Full Answer )
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What is an adsorbent used for?

An absorbent is used to seperate mixtures by the adhering of one chemical component to a solid surface because of its chemical properties. -e2020 is gay
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Can dry leaf adsorb carbon dioxide?

Depends on how little water. The guard cells may block the stomata cuticle, therefore no water. It may be open so it can absorb. depends on how dry (really or a bit)
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How do you activate eggshell as adsorbent?

Absorbent for what?. Egg shells are almost entirely calcium carbonate, any activation could only obviously and simply be heating to form calcium oxide.
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How do different colors adsorbs energy?

Dark colors attract ligth and they absorb ligths energy that's why in summer black surfaces are hotter than white ones
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Can substances adsorbed be recovered back?

It depends on the chemical structure and which phase you use to recover it. If it has been dissolved in a liquid, you can usually recover it with evaporation.
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Is bond formation an energy adsorbing or an energy releasing?

bond formation is an energy releasing process. the chemically bonded atoms are more stable than the separated atoms. gain in stability is always accompanied by a decrease in e ( Full Answer )
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Is wood adsorbent?

Yes, depending of they type of wood, it may differ in absorbency amount and speed
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Why does a colloid preferentially adsorb common ion?

A colloid espicially lyophobic sols are weak electrolytes hence they under go partiall ionisation in aqueous medium and they attain equillibrium between dissociated and the un ( Full Answer )
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Is alcohol one of the fastest substances adsorbed by the body?

In a few moments (I don't remember the exact time interval) a smallportion of alcohol will be absorbed to the bloodstream through yourstomach lining and you will get that feel ( Full Answer )