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What is an adult?

An adult is someone who is 18 or older, and can do anything they want with their life. They can drop out of school, get a job, drive a car, and order stuff off of TV.. An adu (MORE)
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Can An Adult Adopt an Adult?

An adult can definitely adopt an adult. This can prove to be one of the easiest adoptions. Simply because the adult being adopted would need no permission from his or her biol (MORE)
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Why are adults called adults?

Adult comes from the Latin word adultus , which means "grown up." Adultus is a derivative of the Latin word adolescere which means "to grow up" which is also the root for (MORE)
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How do you become an adult?

The laws of your particular state or country declare at what age you are legally considered an adult. In the US< the age is customarily 18 years of age, but a few states have (MORE)
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How adults learn?

Adults can learn in many ways. The primary method is to learn by experience. When an adult experiences something, they tend to automatically pick it up, unlike a child, who ne (MORE)
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What is adult baptism?

Baptism of an adult as opposed to baptizing a child. In some churches, the adult is baptised in a pool and has promised to keep their faith in God and Jesus.
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Why are adults weird?

Adult behavior appears "weird" to children and others of limited intellect and experience because the immature have no frame of reference as to what in life is significant. (MORE)
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Can an adult get circumcised?

Yes, and he should if there is a clear medical indication that circumcision is the best course of action. Of course he will consult with more than one doctor and will become (MORE)
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What is adult adoption?

When you adopt an adult. There has to already be a bond between you as in your step son for instance and there has to be a certain age difference so the adult really can be yo (MORE)
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Does an adult have to be with you to get emancipated?

This isn't something you just walk into an office and do. . You have to live in a state that allows emancipation . You have to meet the requirements for a specific state, (MORE)
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Why are there adults?

Because, when a mommy and a daddy like each other, they go and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
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What is adult services?

Adult services is to look after and take care of the younger ones . What other think about adult services i dont know but.. i think adult service means its same as escorts (MORE)
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How do you be an adult?

If you want to be an adult you have to be 20 or older and be more mature.
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Why do adults bully other adults?

It is human nature to assert authority over fellow beings in order to get their way or the job done.
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What is adult protection?

Adult protection is when an an adult is protected by other adults. In some cases though, this may include witness protection programs
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Are adults cool?

They can be very cool. They have done so many neat things in their lives.
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When is a dog an adult?

It depends on the breed of dog. Small to medium dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers and Corgis mature at about 12 months. Larger breeds like German Shepherd Dogs don't mature u (MORE)
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When is a rabbit an adult?

Rabbits mature at different ages, depending on the breed. A rabbit may be mature enough to breed (physically adult) as young as three weeks, or as late as 10 months. On averag (MORE)
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If you have a child are you an adult?

18 is the age of the legal adult. I don't think so, because there are many people have a child less than 18 years old.
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Why do adults have jobs?

explanation sequence:there are several reasons for this the main reason is so they can get paid and find a warm place to live.
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What is adult croup?

Adult croup is called acute laryngotracheobronchitis. It used to be unseen in adults, but this is beginning to affect more adults from high school teenagers to elderly persons (MORE)
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How does an adult adopt an adult?

The laws on this vary from state to state; inquire about adult adoption with your state's equivalent to the "Department of Children and Families".
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Is Twitter for adult?

Twitter is for anyone. I do not believe there are any age restrictions on it. People of all different ages use it! My grandpa is on there, as well as my 11 year old sister.
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Why does adults fart?

They will fart because they eat 2 times more than children do, therefore their digestive system can't get rid of all that food so it sends a sound. The "sound" is known as a f (MORE)
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What do adults do when their bored?

well if you ask me i think they would watch tv or talk on the phone. even a good stay at a friend's house will be good. magazines also help or drinking coffee of tea. well if (MORE)
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Are you an adult when you are 17?

No you are not. Apart from a few states where the age is higher, the legal adult age is 18 in the US.
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What is a vulnerable adult?

A vulnerable adult is usually defined by social or medical care agencies and the definition can vary from one to another. In general terms, it is an adult who has a learning (MORE)
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What rights do Adults get?

Adults get many rights compared to teenagers and children such as: -Rights to vote who runs the country -Doesn't require parental consent for marriage -Can go into nightclu (MORE)
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What is being an adult?

It's just like personal changes personalty way you act and your responsibilities are bigger than what you expected.
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What is adultered?

When you mix something that is not required , then it is adultered . e.g. mixing of small pebble sized stones to pulses for faking its weight .
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Why do adults get mustache?

Facial hair in males normally appears in a specific order during puberty. Puberty is the process of physical changes by which a child's body matures into an adult body.
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How old is a adult?

Being an adult does not count on your age. Though most people become "adults" as they get older, it is possible to be considered an adult depending on how you act and you can (MORE)