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How do adults rehydrate?

Adults should drink water or an electrolyte solution such as Gatorade or Powerade. The important thing is to balance sugar, water, and electrolytes to avoid illness.

Why are adults called adults?

Adult comes from the Latin word adultus , which means "grown up." Adultus is a derivative of the Latin word adolescere which means "to grow up" which is also the root for (MORE)
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How adults learn?

Adults can learn in many ways. The primary method is to learn by experience. When an adult experiences something, they tend to automatically pick it up, unlike a child, who ne (MORE)

Why are adults weird?

Adult behavior appears "weird" to children and others of limited intellect and experience because the immature have no frame of reference as to what in life is significant. (MORE)
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What are Responsibilities of adults?

They have to care for their children, clean their home, they have to be a good roll model for younger and older people, they are not aloud to smoke or drink alcohol when (MORE)

Why do adults lie?

they lie because they don't want to tell the truth and their trying to keep whatever they are hiding from anyone so they don't know the truth. they lie because they don't want (MORE)
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Why do adults have jobs?

explanation sequence:there are several reasons for this the main reason is so they can get paid and find a warm place to live.

Why does adults fart?

They will fart because they eat 2 times more than children do, therefore their digestive system can't get rid of all that food so it sends a sound. The "sound" is known as a f (MORE)
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What do adults do when their bored?

well if you ask me i think they would watch tv or talk on the phone. even a good stay at a friend's house will be good. magazines also help or drinking coffee of tea. well if (MORE)
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What rights do Adults get?

Adults get many rights compared to teenagers and children such as: -Rights to vote who runs the country -Doesn't require parental consent for marriage -Can go into nightclu (MORE)
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What is adultered?

When you mix something that is not required , then it is adultered . e.g. mixing of small pebble sized stones to pulses for faking its weight .
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Why do adults get mustache?

Facial hair in males normally appears in a specific order during puberty. Puberty is the process of physical changes by which a child's body matures into an adult body.

Why are adults negative?

It all depends on the adults and their individual circumstances. However, in general ignorance may be a reason. A lack of understanding that things can and will change. Being (MORE)