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Who was Aeolus?

Aeolus was the god and ruler of the winds in Greek mythology. He lived on Aeolia island. In the Odyssey he gave Odysseus a bag of winds. the greek god of winds. roman form:ael (MORE)

Why did Aeolus help Odysseus?

Aeolus, the Greek god of the wind, helped Odysseus to return home to Ithaca by putting the north, south and easterly winds in a bag, leaving only a westward wind to blow Odyss (MORE)
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What was Aeolus like?

He was a tall, and strong God of the winds. If you want to know what he loves is lotes of pie and clouds.

Where did Aeolus live?

Aeolus is sometimes said to have went to some islands in the Tyrrhenian sea, which received from him the name of the Aeolian islands: or he lived on Lipara/ Strongyle. The (MORE)

What is Aeolus' weapon?

Aeolus' main and really only weapon was wind. He was king and keeper of the winds. He had 12 children as well. Under the floating Island of Aeolia (His home) was kept a sercre (MORE)
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Is Aeolus immortal?

There were several Aeolus' in Greek mythology, all of the samefamily. Aeolus the son of Hellen and Orseïs, a mortal king of Thessaly. Hemarried Enarete, the daughter of De (MORE)