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What is an aerator?

An aerator is a way of introducing air into some process or other. Probably the most common is in your home faucet. Instead of a stream of "solid" water, your faucet probably ( Full Answer )
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What is aeration?

Aeration is the abillity to entrap air. In relation to food e.g. whisking egg whites for a soufflè, the addition of sugar helps aeration which occurs when the egg whites ar ( Full Answer )
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What is a solar aerator?

Just like the human body, all bodies of water (ponds, lakes, etc.), need oxygen to improve and maintain water quality. Some oxygen is provided by algae in the water. Algae a ( Full Answer )
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What is the zone of aeration?

A region below the Earth's surface that is marked by the presence of both water and air in the pores of rocks and soil. Also called aeration zone .
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What is soil aeration?

It is the ability of the soil to have air that makes it favourable for plant growth. The earthworms do alot in aerating the soil through digging the holes into the soil wher ( Full Answer )
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Can you aerate your lawn in the summer?

It is not recommended to aerate your lawn in the summer. You willget the most benefits when you aerate your lawn in the spring.
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Why is pool aerated?

Pools are aerated to prevent stagnation..... no this guy doesn't know what he is talking about. .. pools are aerated to help control the PH lvl easyier. Aeration adds oxygen t ( Full Answer )
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What is aerate?

To aerate is to add air to a liquid, like water. Liquids can hold aset amount of gasses from air. Aeration is achieved by . agitating the water (waves or by hand) . passin ( Full Answer )
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What does a pond aerator do?

A pond aerator is a device that splashes water into the air or pumps air into the pond in the form of bubbles. This increases the oxygen level in the water, which improves the ( Full Answer )
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What does aerated mean?

Usually pertaining to soil, it means to churn up and loosen the soil so that oxygen or water can go deep in the soil.
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What is a wine aerator?

Wine aerator is a hand held bottle top device used as a portable decanter for aerating wine. Wine aerator is used as a wine accessory to incorporate air into the wine before p ( Full Answer )
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When do you aerate your lawn?

"The 2 best times to aerate your lawn are the spring and the fall.I have a personal opinion that the fall aeration works better thanthe spring." The reason why you aerate in ( Full Answer )
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What is a septic aerator?

All septic tanks and as a matter of fact 99% of all life in the septic tank is oxygen based. It is simply that the smelly life uses the oxygen attached to sulfur because no fr ( Full Answer )
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What is lawn aeration?

It is the simple process of punching holes in a lawn or green to allow air to penetrate the soil. Additionally, it loosens the soil and allows water to penetrate better as wel ( Full Answer )
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What is a hyper aerated?

or hyperinflation it is where the lung volume is abnormally increased with increased filling of alveoli.
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How do you aerate a yard?

To aerate a lawn you have to stick holes with a thin tool every inch or so all over. There are power tools for this!
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How do you aerate in baking?

In baking you can areate by whisking, whipping and beating. You could use a wooden spoon, a whisk, a fork etc.
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What is a sentence for aerate?

I used a pitchfork to aerate my lawn so more air could get to the grass roots. Open the bottle of red wine at least 20 minutes before serving so it can aerate.
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How does yeast aerate?

Yeast, as a leavening agent, consumes sugar in dough and converts it into carbon dioxide. This causes the dough to expand and form pockets or bubbles. When the dough is baked ( Full Answer )
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What is the principle of aeration?

The basic princible of aeration is the process by which air is circulated, through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance. In cooking, its ment to either let (for e ( Full Answer )
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How do you use aerate in a sentence?

To aerate is to charge a liquid with a gas using carbon dioxide to come up with carbonated drinks.
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What happens in this aeration tank?

In the aeration tank, microorganisms are "fed", meaning that they consume any waste left on the wastewater. One type of aeration tank uses air bubbles to provide the micrioorg ( Full Answer )
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What is aerated soda?

aerated soda is when u take soda and mix it with salt it is very simple thank u for listening ............ ma donzzz chrissy sarah boobie nd siham xx
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Why is aeration important?

Over time, the soil beneath your grass can get very hard andcompact. This is especially true for lawns in the northern US withcold winters and lots of snow. You need to be abl ( Full Answer )
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What is the nature of aerated water?

\n\n\n\n It's simply water containing dissolved atmospheric gases. At\nsaturation, it has a sparkly, slightly effervescent nature - soda-water. \n\n Another Perspectiv ( Full Answer )
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What is a noun for aerate?

The noun would be aeration (adding air to soil or to water).Aeration improves plant growth, and aeration provides oxygen in anaquarium.
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Do you have to aerate your lawn?

Aeration is not something a lawn requires. Neither is de-thatching. Both are ways to allow chemicals into the ground around the grass to fertilize and treat disease and insect ( Full Answer )
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Why is it important to aerate?

Aeration improves movement of water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide through your soil which is important for not only plant roots, but also for microbes and other soil biota that ( Full Answer )
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Can you use explosives for Lawn Aeration?

You can not use explosives for lawn aeration. This process should only be done with a lawn aerator. To use explosives could be incredibly dangerous and most likely illegal in ( Full Answer )
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What is a bait aerator?

A bait aerator is a small device that you attach the a 5 gallon bucket with bait in it and it pumps bubbles in the bucket giving the bait fresh "air". It kindof keeps the wate ( Full Answer )
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What is 'aerate' in pastry making?

Aerate is just what it says. Keep dough cool but allow a slight rise so pockets of air will make your dough light and fluffy. Don't kneed it like bread. You want to preserve t ( Full Answer )
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Why do you use aeration making meringues?

You want small bubbles of air to lift the egg white protean so that the meringues will be light and crisp after baking.
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What can aeration do in baking process?

When you are creaming butter and sugar, aeration creates little bubbles that allow leaveners like baking powder to get inside those bubbles to create rise in baked goods.
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How does foam gets aerated?

It depends on what the foam is. Foamed plastics usually have a foaming agent in their resin that's composed of a low-boiling liquid (used to be a kind of Freon; I have no idea ( Full Answer )
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What does the aeration process do?

If you mean water aeration, it's when air is circulated through, mixed in, or dissolved in a liquid or substance. The purpose of this is to smooth the water, so it feels less ( Full Answer )