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What is an aerator?

An aerator is a way of introducing air into some process or other. Probably the most common is in your home faucet. Instead of a stream of "solid" water, your faucet probably ( Full Answer )
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What is aeration?

Aeration is the abillity to entrap air. In relation to food e.g. whisking egg whites for a soufflè, the addition of sugar helps aeration which occurs when the egg whites ar ( Full Answer )
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What is soil aeration?

It is the ability of the soil to have air that makes it favourable for plant growth. The earthworms do alot in aerating the soil through digging the holes into the soil wher ( Full Answer )
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What is aerate?

To aerate is to add air to a liquid, like water. Liquids can hold aset amount of gasses from air. Aeration is achieved by . agitating the water (waves or by hand) . passin ( Full Answer )
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How does yeast aerate?

Yeast, as a leavening agent, consumes sugar in dough and converts it into carbon dioxide. This causes the dough to expand and form pockets or bubbles. When the dough is baked ( Full Answer )
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What is aerated soda?

aerated soda is when u take soda and mix it with salt it is very simple thank u for listening ............ ma donzzz chrissy sarah boobie nd siham xx
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Why is aeration important?

Over time, the soil beneath your grass can get very hard andcompact. This is especially true for lawns in the northern US withcold winters and lots of snow. You need to be abl ( Full Answer )
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What is a noun for aerate?

The noun would be aeration (adding air to soil or to water).Aeration improves plant growth, and aeration provides oxygen in anaquarium.
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Do you have to aerate your lawn?

Aeration is not something a lawn requires. Neither is de-thatching. Both are ways to allow chemicals into the ground around the grass to fertilize and treat disease and insect ( Full Answer )
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What is a bait aerator?

A bait aerator is a small device that you attach the a 5 gallon bucket with bait in it and it pumps bubbles in the bucket giving the bait fresh "air". It kindof keeps the wate ( Full Answer )