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Why do satellites have different aerials and positional orbits?

Satellies have different aerials and positional orbits due to the molecular gravitional pull of the moon and the Earth's surface. The use of the aerials in the satellites assi (MORE)
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What is sub-aerial weathering?

Sub-aerial means "under air". So it's weathering on the surface, as opposed to sub-aquatic weathering which takes place underwater.
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What is aerials animal?

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What are the lyrics for the song 'Aerials' by System of a Down?

Life is a waterfall We're one in the river And one again after the fall Swimming through the void We hear the word We lose ourselves but we find it all 'Cause we (MORE)
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Why are aerials for car radios on the outside of the car?

They are on the outside in order to boost reception. More reception translates to a longer range, which means you can drive farther away from you. and its way cheaper to make (MORE)
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How do aerials work?

They collect radio waves from the air and feed them to the radio.
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What do aerials do for training?

Ive been a dancer since 2001 and my acro class has started doing areials, Im the only one who can do it so im the perfect one to answer this question:) Aerials are no handed k (MORE)
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Why are car aerials one meter long?

Car aerials are one metre in height due to the height of its optimum performance. (Or, in simpler terms, that is the height that it works best at.)
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Is swat all-stars better than aerials?

Swat all-stars is much better than aerials because swat is very clean and tight. Swat also perfects every year. For instance many people will have a full, and swat always take (MORE)
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What are radio and television aerials?

They are also known by antennas and their job is to receive electromagnetic waves through the air, delivering them to the receptors. They are made of metal and have many shape (MORE)
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What are inverted aerials?

Inverted aerials are any snowboarding trick in which the rider goes upside down to perform the trick before coming upright again to land.
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How are digital aerials different from analog ones?

Digital aerials get a better quality of picture than do analog aerials. in addition, digital aerials can get high definition signals over the air,where analog aerials cannot.
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Where can one purchase television aerials?

Television aerials can be purchased from Argos, Best Buy, Amazon, Currys, PC Advisor, Home Base, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Hardware and Home Depot.
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Where can one purchase digital TV aerials?

There are several places one can purchase digital TV aerials. Online retailers include Overstock and Amazon. Retailers that offer both online and in store purchase options i (MORE)
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Where can one compare different caravan aerials?

One could visit the Caravan Aerial website to find comparisons of different caravan aerials. There are discussion areas and forums on the website, making it a great place to s (MORE)
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Where can one shop for car aerials?

Car Aerials can be bought at many typical online stores such as Amazon and eBay. BestBuy offers popular car aerials at a price ranging from 18 USD and up.