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What does aerie mean?

An aerie is a high refuge, like an eagle's nest . this means that you are rather cool, attractive, popular etc
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What is an aerie?

A huge cage that houses multiple birds of the same kind. Usually anaerie is outside
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Who is Aery Prabhakar?

Aery Prabhakar is an Author, Life Coach and Assertiveness Trainer from India, who conducts life transforming personal development seminars all over India and around the world. ( Full Answer )
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Who is aerie disher?

a doode i go to school with and he can be very mean i once pushed him off his desk in math class it was really funny
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Where is icy Aerie?

ok you go to the keyhole in prestos edge. look for the mission that says find the icy Aerie key or something like that. i don't remember where it is but when you find it look ( Full Answer )
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Why did Aeris die?

To add a twist to the story line and because Sephiroth/JENOVA did not want Aerith to call down Holy, in which she succeeded.
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Why did Aeries die?

Aeris was an ancient, or Cetra, and was the only one left alive who could activate the white materia. Knowing this, Sephiroth killed her. He failed, however, in killing her be ( Full Answer )
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Where is the icy aerie in dizzywood?

The Icy Arie is in the crystal keyhole in prestos edge. you'll need the key first you'll find it in the mission when the weather people are fighting.
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Where is the crystal key to icy aerie?

The key is at The Chasm. To get to the chasm, go to presto's edge and go toward Quill. When you are near him go to a hole and levitate (also the same when you walk over it)
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What music do they play in Aerie stores?

they play a lot of Florence and The Machine, Morningwood, Sara Barellies, MGMT and other artists that have that sort of sound.