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Where can you find the passenger list for Russian Aeroflot flight that crashed September 14 2008? 1. Abdulaev, Raffig, 20/06/1960 (Azerbaijan) 2. Afonasenkov, 09/04/1984 3. Aleksandrova, Ekaterina, 01/02/1970 4. Atlan, Eri (MORE)
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Aeroflot office in Russia city Arkhangelsk?

Aeroflot office in Arkhangelsk: 163000 Naberazhnaya Severnoy Dviny, 30 Telephone&Telefax: (8182) 288082 (8182) 288817 (8182) 288082 (8182) 288817 aeroflot@atne (MORE)
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What country is Aeroflot Airlines based in?

The Aeroflot Airlines is based in Moscow, Russia. It is considered the oldest airline opened way back in 1923 in the Soviet Russia. The airline is now over half owned by the R (MORE)