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What does aero mean?

Its from the Greek "aeros"(pronounced aiross) or "air", or loweratmosphere". Its associated with such terms as aeroplane,aeronaughtics etc
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What are aero planes?

Aeroplanes (another word for airplanes) are flying vehicles. Airplanes are vehicles that you can pay to get on to fly from oneplace to another. Some planes are used to fight (MORE)
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What is aero dance?

Local dance club, Aerodance has been running classes for children at Uplands Sports Centre, Wadhurst for over 4 years. Girls and boys of 2-17 years can join in the fun, withou (MORE)
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How do you get windows aero?

if you have home premium or above then you should already have it. windows aero is a window style
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What is an aero physicist?

An aero physicist is a physicist with a specialization in aerospace. This means that the physicist has experience with aeronautics or astronautics.
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What is latin aero?

Latinaero or Latin Aero is an aviation dedicated website founded by the photographers/ journalists Leandro Maldonado (Brazil) and Jean-Michel Guhl (France). The website focuse (MORE)
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What does aero stand for?

Aero refers to air or something air related. The term is oftenattached to other words. Its origins can be traced to Greece,
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What is the origin of aero?

Aero i s from Greek 'air'. So aero is anything pertaining to the air or aviation. Check this for example: aero-, aer-, aeri- ( origin, Greek: air, mist, wind). There is a d (MORE)
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Is there a car faster than the aero?

yes i don't remember the name but it is faster than the aero and takes 2 years to get after you purchase it
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Do they sell the ssc aero?

The SSC Aero is no longer in production, but the SSC Ultimate Aero is still in production, but, it is too late to buy a new one, because if you could foot the MSRP $650,000, (MORE)
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What is aero in latin?

air apparently howeather i have looked and found nothing on the internet
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What is the aero bike for?

Aero is often a short for aerodynamic, and there are several bikes that can be said to be aerodynamic to some degree.
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What is Aero ply?

i do not know, oh by the way, joe brennan says hi.
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Is aero expensive?

a little bit but not that bad because their jeans are like 20 bucks and shirts like 10
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What is aero inventory?

"Aero Inventory is a company that sells aircraft parts to airlines; however, they recently decided to put the company up for sell. In the year of 2009 they had filed for bankr (MORE)