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What is an aerosol?

An aerosol is a colloid of fine solid particles orliquid droplets, in air or another gas.
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What is city aerosol?

The majority of aerosols (particulates suspended in a gas) in a city are from vehicles, and from industrial processes, and some could be from burning of fossil fuels for heati (MORE)
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Why are aerosols flammable?

Aerosols are flammable due to the chemicals that they are made up of that are put under intense pressures so they can be released from the nossel.
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How does an aerosol can work?

One fluid pushes another fluid out of the nozzle. Basically, when you press the trigger, one of the liquids (a denser liquid) pushes out the lighter liquid (the cleaner or wha (MORE)
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What are aerosol sprays?

they are cans that hold spray paint you can use them to paint andyou must be pretty old if you dont know this...bye.
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What is a solid aerosol?

I would assume that this refers to the constituent particles that form the aerosol are solid rather than liquid in form.
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A solid aerosol?

The constituent part of a solid aerosol is a particle, as opposed to a droplet in a "liquid" based aerosol.
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Who discovered the aerosol can?

Erik Rotheim is credited with being the person who discovered theaerosol can. He submitted the patent for the aerosol can in 1926,but it was not granted until 1929 in Norway.
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Is aerosol a gas?

An aerosol is a suspension of tiny particles or droplets propelled from a container by the aid of a gas.
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What is aerosol sprays?

A can of particles that deteriorate the ozone layer. Like Hairspray cans and spray paint.
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How do aerosols work?

Aerosol spray is a type of dispensing system which creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles. This is used with a can or bottle that contains a liquid under pressure. (MORE)
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What is aerosole in microbiology?

A suspension of liquid droplets or small (< 5µm) particles in the air. Aerosolized biological agents may remain suspended in air for long periods and may travel long distan (MORE)
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What is in aerosol cans?

The typical gas used as a propellant in aerosol solvent based paint cans is Propane, Chemical Abstract Number 74-98-6. The propellant used will depend on the contents of the (MORE)
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What are aerosol colloids?

A colloid refers (it seems) chiefly to a liquid. As an aerosol is defined as a particulate (solid or liquid) suspended within a gas, this it isn't a relevant question with reg (MORE)
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What do aerosols in the atmosphere do?

Aerosols contain CFCs,that is , chlorofluorocarbons. These are very harmful for the atmosphere. CFC consists of chlorine molecules which breaks the bond of an ozone molecule. (MORE)
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Where was the aerosol can invented?

"The first aerosol spray can was invented in Oslo in Novenmber 23 1927 by Erik Rotheim, a Norwegian chemical engineer. The patent was sold to a US company for 100,000 Norwegia (MORE)
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What is aerosol spray can?

it is a can of compressed air with a chemical that will kill you if you use it as a inhalent...
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How can aerosols be detected?

Most aerosols (being a finely dispersed particle within a gas) are detected by an optical instrument of some kind. When the aerosol is passed through this type of measurement (MORE)
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Is there a plastic aerosol?

Petapak Aerosol Corportion has developed a PET aerosol bottle which it is going to launch into North America, ASIA & Europe in 2012.
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Can an aerosol burn your skin?

it gives you a burn and you will be scared for life; they are VERY dangerous and they are not the right thing to use if you are in school; like many people have learnt!
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What are aerosols in the atmosphere?

Anything in the form of tiny particles that can float in the atmosphere is an aerosol. This can be fine drops of liquid, like water vapour, or particles of dust, as are thrown (MORE)
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Is adhesives aerosols?

There are many adhesive aerosols. 3M makes 2 or 3 different ones and Elmer's makes 2. There are also spray contact adhesives mainly used for attaching laminate countertops.
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Does aerosol make metal rust?

Aerosol does not make metal rust, rust is actually another element in the air effecting the metal.
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Why is smoke an aerosol?

yes smoke is an aerosol because when particles are dispersed in a gas, they become smoke, or fog(:
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Why are aerosol cans a problem?

Aerosol cans: don't compress well in landfills, explode when incinerated, usually contain a flammable propellant, are seldom completely emptied before disposal, have valves th (MORE)
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Is aerosol and deodorant the same?

No. An aerosol is a suspension of small droplets or solid particlesin a gas such as air. So it can be just about any sort of spray ormist. Not all deodorant is an aerosol eith (MORE)
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How can you use aerosol in a sentence?

Do you prefer an air freshener that plugs into the wall or one that sprays from an aerosol can? Dad likes antiperspirant in an aerosol can, but I like the solid stick.
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What are Aerosol treatments?

These treatments solutions of saline, often mixed with a bronchodilator, which are then inhaled as an aerosol