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What does an aerospace engineer do?

Aerospace Engineers like many disciplines and sub areas of specialty.. Anyone with an engineering degree and working under the AS9100 quality standard would be an Aerospace E (MORE)

What do you have to do to be an aerospace engineer?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for engineers. Aerospace engineers design, d (MORE)

What training is needed for aerospace engineering?

For engineering fields, mathematics. If you do not understandcalculus by the end of your first year of college, then it is timeto change majors. It would be help to have studi (MORE)

Computer use in aerospace engineering?

Almost everything in the aerospace field requires computer use. Some of the most computing intensive simulations run on super-computers all over the world come from aerospace (MORE)

Can aircraft engineer be an aerospace engineer?

Typically, no. An Aerospace Engineer and Aircraft Engineer are 2 different things in the same category. An Aerospace Engineer works on designing, creating, and brainstorming i (MORE)

What training is needed for aerospace engineers?

A minimum of a bachelor's degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical, or other appropriate field of engineering, specific to the area on which you would like to focus, is generally req (MORE)
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What are the requirements for an aerospace engineer job?

There are several requirements needed to apply for an aerospace engineer job. One needs to complete high school and then complete four to seven years of college studies. One m (MORE)