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Does the aether pervade space?

No, the aether does not pervade space. In deep space (intergalactic space) there is a near perfect vacuum. Perhaps only an atom or two of hydrogen float around here in a given ( Full Answer )
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What is an aether ship?

Pretty much whatever the fiction writer wants it to be. They're sort of a fantasy version of a spaceship or airship. In medieval times, people believed aether was the fifth el ( Full Answer )
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On Star Sonata where can you get a blue aether?

You need to kill a space blue alpha or space blue alpha interceptor. I would recommend using in game chat to ask these types of questions though.
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Who is the daughter of Aether?

Aether and Gaia had a daughter, Aergia , a goddess of sloth and laziness. A link can be found below for more information.
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What were the siblings of Aether Greek god?

day was her sibling, day and Aether were a product of the mating of night and Erebus which is the dim atmospheric light above tarturus, at this point of creation Helius (the s ( Full Answer )
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When will aether update to 1.03?

you know how u had to download mod loader and all those other required mods for aether mod 1.02 to work? (among previous versions of aether mod). we are currently waiting for ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the aether in Minecraft?

Its a mod, but i don't know how to make the portal or if you just fly up real high then that would have a few problems. I do not know exactly but it is a mod so on the web loo ( Full Answer )
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How do you build a aether portal in Minecraft?

First, you must install the Aether mod (which is huge, by the way.) Then, in order to make an aether portal, you must have at least 14 glowstone blocks. Build it like this: ( Full Answer )
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How do you make an aether portal in minecraft?

Like a nether portal but with glowstone and then put water in it For example: [l][l][l][l] [l][ ][ ][l] [l][ ][ ][l] [l][l][l][l] Where [ ] is air and [l] is glowstone: [ ( Full Answer )
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How do you download aether mod for Minecraft?

Look on the minecraft forums or search up a walkthrough for it is kinda complicated to download mods and remember watch out for Herobrine
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How do you make an aether portal?

You make a 6x4 frame of glowstone and put water in the middle and you need the aether mod
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What is aether MD flash games?

Aether MD is a creator of a particular flash game. . i don't know how old you are but i doubt that you have the age required to play what you call an "Aether MD" game. . Aet ( Full Answer )
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How to build a portal to the aether in minecraft?

If you're talking about a mod, disregard me. If you're talking about the sky dimension Notch or Jeb mentioned regarding the Adventure update, it doesn't exist as such. It's ( Full Answer )
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How do you install aether mod?

find a code like this : addbox(vec(050,011.,50),vec(01,01,60),10,01);breakability(9990); addbox(vec(040,011.,40),vec(01,023,60),10,01);breakability(9990); addbox(vec(050,0 ( Full Answer )
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What is an Aether in Minecraft?

The Aether is a collaborative mod; It is basically an inverse of the Nether in Normal Minecraft. There are many dungeons and new features in this mod. You can google "Aether M ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the aether on minecraft?

You must download the aether mod which has not been updated since1.2.5. Once you have downloaded and loaded a world, make aglowstone portal the same size as a normal portal. I ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to aether in Minecraft?

The Aether is part of a mod for Minecraft; to explore it, you must first install the mod and its prerequisites. Once you have installed the mods, you must build a portal to ( Full Answer )
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Is aether mod for minecraft 1.3.1?

It will be but not yet it takes much time to make a mod and one with a new world like aether more
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Where can you buy aether on wizard 101?

In the game of Wizard101 created by Kingsisle you can buy Aether from the Bazaar in Olde Town, or farm for it in crab alley or Crustacean Empire
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Is there an Minecraft aether mod?

Yes there is and its cool. HOwever, it is only updated for minecraft 1.2.5 it adds a whole new dimension, tools, mobs, bosses, blocks and more!
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Is there aether in space and what is its meaning?

There is aether in space. The aether transports the electromagnetic field and defines space. The aether is reflected in Planck's Constant and the space resistance z=375 Ohms=W ( Full Answer )
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Is the aether on v1.5 on minecraft?

The Aether is part of a community-made mod, it is not part of the vanilla version of the game and will not be added in any update.
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How do you build the Minecraft aether portal?

You must have the Aether mod. And you build it just like the netherportal, except with glowstone. Then add a bucket of water toactivate it.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Aethereal - 2012?

The cast of Aethereal - 2012 includes: Marianne Chiaramonte as Agent 14 (2012) Everett Dailey as Bobby Everett Dailey as Bobby (2012) Bentley Gates as Agent 88 Connie Jo Sechr ( Full Answer )