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What rhymes with afar?

Car, bar, par, . Ajar . Agar . Akbar . Alar . Bar . Car . Char . Dar . Far . Gar . Mar . Par . Spar . Star . Tar . Var
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What is the capital of Afars?

The former French territory of the Afars and Issas is now theindependent nation of Djibouti. The city of Djibouti is the capital of the nation of Djibouti.
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The Issa and Afar are ethnic groups in?

The Issa and Afar are ethnic groups in...?. The Issa and Afar are ethnic groups in Djibouti. . - D an J ohn .
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How does our solar system appear from afar?

One unimpressive, middling-size star. Without VERY sophisticated instruments, there's no way to detect planets the size of Earth or Venus from interstellar distances.
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What does it mean to love someone from afar?

love someone from afar.... it means you love them, but they don't know it, like a teenager with an obsession towards a movie star or a singer. or when you love someone that is ( Full Answer )
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What does I love you from afar mean?

I love you from afar means I love you but I don't like to be around you. That's how I take it. It's like saying you love someone but you don't like them. You love them but the ( Full Answer )
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What causes the steam vents in Afar?

I assume it is because the floor of the Afar Depression consists highly of lava, basalt primarily, Erta Ale, one of the world's largest lava lakes steams.
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How can one be with their boyfriend or girlfriend from afar?

One may keep in touch with their significant other through social networks (email, Twitter, Facebook) or telephone. Though the post office may seem outdated, writing letters c ( Full Answer )
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What are some synonyms for the word 'afar'?

Afar means "A great distance away." Therefore, synonyms for afar include distant, far away, remote, far off, away, separated, secluded, and out of reach.