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What does afeared mean?

Afeared means "to frighten" or "frightened". It's an Old English word used mostly during the Shakespearian period. It's still commonly used today in some Southern states of t ( Full Answer )
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What does afeared mean in Shakespeare's plays?

It means "afraid.". Answer . it's the same as "afraid" -- fear. Answer . it's the same as "afraid of" -- fear. Afeared is just another way to say "afraid."
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Did Shakespeare use the word afeared?

Only once, in this line from Much Ado About Nothing: "She doth indeed; my daughter says so: and the ecstasy hath so much overborne her that my daughter is sometime afea ( Full Answer )
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What does Shakespeare mean by the word afeared?

Afeared is the same word as 'afraid', just spelled differently. Shakespeare used the word 'afraid' 42 times and 'afeared' just once.
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Is the word afeared still used today?

No, Shakespeare used they word afeared instead of afraid although he only used the word 'afeared' once.