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What will happen afer flood?

When there's a flood people grow crops in their garden to eat and it will be ruined if there is a flood.
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Where is life afer death?

T here is life after death. In fact at the moment of death our body gets detached from our biomagnetic field. Our memories remains in the biomagnetic field. So after death of ( Full Answer )
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What did Walter alvarez do afer he found the iridium?

After finding Iridium, now he got enough evidence for his theory. That Iridium was from the asteroid that impacted the Earth and caused dinosaurs to perish.
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Who was afer the Tudors?

The Tudor line began with Henry Tudor (Henry VII), who took the crown from the last Plantagenet King, Richard III, upon the latter's death at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1 ( Full Answer )
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What to study afer MBA marketing?

The best course to study is the one that leads to your overall career goals and objectives. Thus, I would imagine you do not have anything specific at this time. So many indiv ( Full Answer )
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What is the yellowish stain on men's crotch afer a trip?

There are a few meaning to what you were asking, a yellow stain could be a heat rash, stomach problem, a discharge and the worst case scenario will be the remaining discharge ( Full Answer )
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Brown discharge one week afer period?

Usually brown discharge after your period is just old blood, your body is cleaning itself out from the last period. Don't worry about it, but if you still feel uncomfortable, ( Full Answer )
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Would a pregnancy test taken 4 days afer unprotected sex be reliable?

No, it would not. The earliest a pregnancy test gives an accurate result is at least 2 weeks after sex. This is because that is the point at which the levels of pregnancy horm ( Full Answer )
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Why will a test be still positive afer a DnC?

The pregnancy hormones are still in your system. Most women can expect their levels to return to a non-pregnant range about 4 - 6 weeks after a pregnancy loss has occurred. Th ( Full Answer )
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What happened to Anne Frank afer they were discovered?

Anne and her sister Margot where transported from the Auschwitz (Concentration-camp) to the Bergen-Belsen (concentration-camp), which is now near Hanover, Germany. There, firs ( Full Answer )
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How was the government afer WW1?

Which government. Each country experienced different problems, from the complete breakdown of the government to business as usual.
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Would you die if you had a Panadol afer a Nurofen?

Probably not but it could make you seriously ill. If you start having side effects, I would recommend going to the emergency room to have your stomach pumped.
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What do you do afer puppies have been born mom is trying to eat the afterbirth?

Eating the afterbirth is natural. It can help to stimulate milk production, and it's nutritious. However it can cause the mother to develop diarrhea, so if you wanted to dispo ( Full Answer )
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Is the confederate consttution is approved afer South Carolina secedes?

Yes. The first seven states to secede sent delegates to Montgomery, Alabama where they adopted the Confederate Constitution in February 1861. These were South Carolina, Georgi ( Full Answer )
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How many times can you conceive afer having ectopic pregnancy?

As many times as you want. You might have Fallopian tube removed, after ectopic pregnancy as it is the most common location for ectopic pregnancy. But do not worry ! GOD has g ( Full Answer )
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Can a divorce be reversed afer it is finalized?

No, a divorce can't be reversed after it has been finalized. However, if a couple divorces and decides to get back together, they can remarry at any time.
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What has the author Alfred Sch afer written?

Alfred Sch afer has written: 'Kierkegaard: eine Grenzbestimmung des P adagogischen' -- subject(s): Philosophy, OUR Brockhaus selection 'Winckelmann-Institut der Humboldt- ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Ruth Sch afer written?

Ruth Sch afer has written: 'Paulus bis zum Apostelkonzil: ein Beitrag zur Einleitung in den Galaterbrief, zur Geschichte der Jesusbewegung und zur Pauluschronologie' -- subj ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Rainer Sch afer written?

Rainer Sch afer has written: 'Zweifel und Sein: der Ursprung des modernen Selbstbewusstseins in Descartes' cogito' -- subject(s): Philosophy, OUR Brockhaus selection
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What has the author Anne K afer written?

Anne K afer has written: 'Die wahre Aus ubung der Kunst ist religi os: Schleiermachers Asthetik im Kontext der zeitgen ossischen Entw urfe Kants, Schillers und Friedrich Sch ( Full Answer )
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What happened afer the erzincan earth quake?

after the earthquake they found many deaths and many people needingmedical or help fast; hope this helped if it did give it a thumbsup plz