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What was the XYZ affair?

The XYZ Affair was an incident in 1798, during a period when French privateers were regularly seizing U.S. merchant ships, and that precipitated an undeclared war between the ( Full Answer )
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Why do men have affairs?

ANSWER: Why?..before I give you my answer, let me remind you that women do it too, but most of them has a good reason why. Now to go back to your question, men who do have aff ( Full Answer )
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How do you end an affair?

Just tell your mistress that you both need to stop, before it gets worst. But if you are the mistress, just say no and move on..
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What is an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is the same as what most people think of when they think of an affair except less the intimate parts. An emotional affair is an affair that allows its part ( Full Answer )
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How do you get over an affair?

For those people that was hurt and betrayed by our spouse, we will never get over the pain of their affair but it will ease up slowly and surely. Time will be our weapon and i ( Full Answer )
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What was the Watergate affair?

The Watergate scandal was a political scandal thatoccurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June17, 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee he ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with affair?

bear . care . dare . hair . glare . mare . pair . rare . stare . fair . swear . flare
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How do you recover from an affair?

As with a rape or a beating, "time" is the only way to recover. Counseling, or the sympathy of friends may assist. Just know that it was not your fault, regardless as to how y ( Full Answer )
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Did Shakespeare have an affair?

Not that anyone knows of, and Shakespeare isn't telling. The movie Shakespeare in Love is fictional.
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What is clandestine affair?

Clandestine means secretive, so a clandestine affair is an affairthat is kept hidden. It usually refers to secretive romanticrelationships.
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Ending an affair?

how does a husband who claims he fell in love with his mistress end this affair i thought we've been happily married for twenty seven years
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What was the haymarket affair?

The Haymarket affair refers to the aftermath of a bombing that tookplace at a labor demonstration on Tuesday May 4, 1886, at HaymarketSquare in Chicago. It began as a peaceful ( Full Answer )
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What is foreign affairs?

foreign affairs is the study of other countries and the history of the countries. for example barack obama might take interest into china. so that would be ofreign affairs
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Why have an affair?

some couples get bored with each other sexually so to speak and find different "lovers" i find this just being completely unfaithful! but some people do it just for that reaso ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your wife believes you have had an affair but you have not had an affair?

If you have already had a conversation with her and it leads only to more arguments, try going to a marriage counselor. Invite her to follow you, read your mail, do whatever ( Full Answer )
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What is it to not have an affair?

I have been seeing another woman just for friendship, i dont call it an affair,, an affair is kissing, going to bed with her, having a relationship with her, but coffee, no, m ( Full Answer )
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What is to have an affair?

to have an affair is to be married but still have a relationship [love/sex etc.] with another person.
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Did Hephaestus have an affair?

Yes; he had many children by those consorts as well as by his wife Aglaia.
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Does srk have a affair?

Ne. Never- he is perhaps one of the only people in the film industry who can honestly claim that.
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In the end of the affair how does the affair end?

Usually your official partner (the one who you're cheating on) will find out about you or the person who you're cheating withs partner will find out about him/her. ANSWER; ( Full Answer )
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Are internet affairs still affairs?

People view this in different ways, but to most people an affair isan affair, whether in person or on the Internet.
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What is the saguntine affair?

I gather from different sources that it has something to do with the second Roman war.
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How do you expose affair?

If your wondering how to expose someones affair, it will be a little tricky. You make sure that you have all the evidence that can prove the affair. If you have pictures, or e ( Full Answer )
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Did Obama have an affair?

No, there is no evidence of this at all. Tabloids just about always say that famous people (including presidents) are having affairs, but more often than not, these articles a ( Full Answer )
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Will affairs last?

Will it?.. definitely especially if it wasn't caught. When a married man look for a new woman they will become good friends. Friends that will exchange stories, and dreams. Th ( Full Answer )
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Why affairs are hard to get out of?

Affairs generally start by one of the spouses lacking something in their marriage such as the lack of sex; feeling loved or needed and when they meet someone to have an affair ( Full Answer )
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Is affairs a noun?

Yes, it is a plural noun. It can mean business details, sexualdalliances, or social functions.
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Did Ares have an affair?

No, not really, because his girlfriend was Aphrodite. Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, but Ares wasn't married. Hope that helps.
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Is there a life after the affair?

Yes. You can work it out together, go to counseling. Don't give up hope, don't get a divorce. Figure this out together. There is life after an affair.
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How can you deny you had an affair?

First, say that the person threatened you to be with them, and if you didn't, they would kill the person you most love. That, or just tell the truth and don't ever cheat again ( Full Answer )
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Have an affair?

No, don't. Cheating is pointless if you don't want your partner and your partner only then what's the point in being in a relationship? Choose who you want to be with and prev ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for affair?

matter, business, happening, event, activity, incident, episode, topic relationship, romance, intrigue, fling, liaison, amour, dalliance
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What was Watergate affair?

The Watergate Scandal was a scandal that occurred during the Nixon Administration. Nixon was paranoid after the pentagon papers were released so he assigned "white house plumb ( Full Answer )
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What is The Affair?

The Affair is an American television drama series that starsDominic West (of The Wire ) and Ruth Wilson. The seriesdetails the emotional effects of an extramarital affair. T ( Full Answer )
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Is there intimacy after an affair?

There ca an intimacy after an affair if they still have feelings for each other.