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What is a type of light emission that relies upon a delay between excitation and de-excitation providing an afterglow?

Answer . You are talking about a glow-in-the dark material. It is called phosphorescent. The same idea, light being absorbed and re-emitted at a different frequency - has ( Full Answer )
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What is Auto Electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow?

The backlight duration adjustment is intended as a power-saving measure for the battery -- which is why this feature is only available on certain non-solar G-Shocks. Tough Sol ( Full Answer )
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How do you mod a xbox 360 afterglow controller?

Its Pretty Easy just unscrew all bolts then just mod it like you would like any other one but make sure that you don't Mess with any Lights and wires as much that's relay it! ( Full Answer )
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How much does a ps3 afterglow controller cost?

Gamestop sells them for $30, but based on the rating they should not be purchased try the god of war bundle for amazon for $60 or any other DualShock 3 from the amazon related ( Full Answer )
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Is wyatt afterglow famous?

he is famous... he has facial beauty... he is a model (a beautiful one) :D
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Is wyatt afterglow bisexual?

yes, wyatt is bisexual... he is mostley into guys though... he has a boyfriend at the moment :D
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How do you turn off the light on the afterglow headset?

Hold down the 'Mode' button, it will cycle through the lightingoptions, stop pressing the mode button when the lighting option youwant is active.
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What actors and actresses appeared in AfterGlow - 2012?

The cast of AfterGlow - 2012 includes: Ryan Ansah as Booking Agent Mensa Ansah as Doorman Joey Ansah as Doorman Trenyce as Vocals Julien Beramis as Piano Amy Howerska as Audie ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Afterglow - 1923?

The cast of Afterglow - 1923 includes: Annette Benson as Myra Massingham Minna Grey as Grace Andover Fred Hearne as Bayard Delavel James Lindsay as Howard Massingham Walter Mc ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Afterglow - 1997?

The cast of Afterglow - 1997 includes: Salvatore Agostino as Restaurant Owner Cas Anvar as Frederico Claudia Besso as Monica Bloom Genevieve Bissonnette as Cassie Domini Blyth ( Full Answer )