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Are pet agamas hyper?

Answer . I have never heard of an Agama before so i did some research and came up with the link above. I hope it will shed so ( Full Answer )
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Why does an agama head turn blue?

Answer . The agama head turns blue when the shlong is too short to reach the first part of the moosie.. This could result in phylemphobitus. This cuts off circulation to ( Full Answer )
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Can you use cedar for a red headed agama?

I've been seeing on the net that since they are from Africa that you shouldn't use cedar sand is better they say but I have used the store bought wood chips and it didn't hurt ( Full Answer )
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Does butterfly agama eat mealworms and what else do they eat and what do they like in the tank?

In my tank I use Plantation Soil (name on substrate). I don't use sand because it doesn't allow easy burrowing. I put 3-4 inches so he can burrow. They'll also do some of thei ( Full Answer )
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Why does your pale agama bask with his mouth open?

It's a good sign if his mouth is open under the basking light. This means he knows enough to open his mouth and cool himself off since he's a tad too warm. It's not a problem ( Full Answer )
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What size is the agama?

They can be found in many sizes , from 12.5 to 30 cm (5 in. to 1 ft.) in length.
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How often should you feed a dragon agama?

Many species go by that name. I assume you're referring to Japalura splendida. Feed every day (as much as the lizard will eat). Make sure to remove uneaten prey.