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What is agate?

Agate (pronounced /ˈæɡət/) is a microcrystalline variety of quartz (silica), chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. . (MORE)

How do you cut fire agate?

Fire agate is a layered stone, often interspersed with crags, and crevaces. To begin you should wash off excess dirt, then soak the stone briefly so the color might be seen. I (MORE)
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Is agate valuable?

There are a large number of collectors of agate. Depending on the appearance and location source of the agate, some could be worth a great deal. Agates are also used in making (MORE)
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When do you get to Agate Village?

In Pokémon Colosseum you can get to Agate Village after defeating Miror B. in Pyrite Cave and then talk to the lady outside the Fortune Shop and the Agate Village will be u (MORE)
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What is agate used for?

Agates are used for a lot of different things. Jewelry, dishes, and crafts to name a few. They are also simply just a past time or hobby for many people. Myself being an avid (MORE)
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What color is agate?

Agate can be found in several colours - white to dark grey, pale to mid blue, pale orange to vivid red, black. Agate is a form of silica with a micro-crystalline structure. (MORE)
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Where can you find an agate?

Everywhere in this world, but there are places where they are more common, like the riverbanks of rivers. If you don't feel like going places, just go to a loal rock shop and (MORE)

Beidh you' gra' agat you gco'na'?

That sentence is missing so many words it's difficult to translate. "gco'na'" should be "i gcónaí" "you" isn't an Irish word. For the other words there are two po (MORE)

What do you do once your in agate village?

Well in colosseum you should go visit the tree house at the top of the village and talk to the people inside in xd you should do the same. After that you should be able to go (MORE)
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What is dragons vein agate?

Most likely it is stone which has been crushed, mixed with epoxy and compressed, dyed and then cut and polished. Mostly it comes from China
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Who discovered agate?

Agate was apparently named by a Greek philosopher and naturalist, named Theophrastus. As to who discovered this micro-crystalline variety of SiO2, who knows.
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How does agate form?

Agates are formed in gas cavities in volcanic rock, as well as in cracks and holes in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Solutions high in silica content filled these cavities (MORE)

What is a moss agate?

Moss Agate is gemstone that is a multi-shade of green and resembles moss or trees from a distance. It is sometimes found with bands of brown agate and when this occurs it is c (MORE)
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A ROCK SHOP that sells minerals and crystals will often have agatein different forms,. One of the best in NYC is called ROCK STARCRYSTALS in Manhattan. They have more AGATE in (MORE)