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How can you prove that your X-boyfriend can regain his trust in you agen?

You cannot "prove" to him that he can trust you again as one a trust is breached in anyway it is hard to regain. Trust is earned. All you can do is let him know how you feel, (MORE)
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Distance Agen to Lourdes?

It is about 100 miles through some mountainous terrain. There are better roads that will add time to your journey, with an additional 70 miles or so.
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If you tuck your lip piercing off about a month ago when can you piercet agen?

Answer: Unless there are good, professional piercers answering these Qs, you're out of luck. Try to ask around to find a good piercer and call the piercing studio to ask him (MORE)
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Can you duel Noah agen on Yu-Gi-Oh troubadour?

Yes but first there are a few things you need to do first. First of all you need to beat the game. Next, you need to get to a certain level. I can't remember what level but I (MORE)
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How did agen kolar die?

Agen Kolar dies because when mace windu and fellow jedi including Agen Kolar go to arrest chancellor Palpatine, palpatine stabs his lightsaber through Agen Kolar's stomach.
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Who acts in 17 agen 1 movie?

17 Again (2009) . Zac Efron. .... Mike O'Donnell (Teen). Leslie Mann. .... Scarlett O'Donnell (Adult). Thomas Lennon. .... Ned Gold. Matthew Perry. .... Mike O (MORE)