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How do you get an agent?

I have an agent so trust me this answer is true. You can look into them on the internet, type in agencies on google. I suggest The Osbrink Agency, who I find very good: one ( Full Answer )
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What does an Agent do?

Answer . Legally the term agent refers to an individual that is authorized to represent another individual. In the world of entertainment and sports, an agent is an indiv ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a agent?

Answer . have talent. NO you need to look on google or join the drama club
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What agents are miniple travel agents?

Start a new business today Our Services:- . Railway E-Booking . Air Ticket Booking (Domestic/international) . Bus Booking . Hotel Booking . Mobile Recharge . DTH Rec ( Full Answer )
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What is oxidizing agent and reducing agent?

An oxidizing agent is a chemical substance, which in a chemical reaction has a high tendency to get reduced while causing the other reactant to get oxidized.\n. \nAn reducing ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a agent?

Go to Google and search agencies,and there's many choices you could choose but be careful of which one you pick, I got my head shot picture taken at some audition I'm waiting ( Full Answer )
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How do you fire agents in mysims agents?

When you are in the HQ, go to the floor plan near the recruit phone. Click on the x over the person and then drag the x on the person you want to fire.
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IS A substituted agent is as good an agent of the agent as a sub-agent?

A substituted agent is as good an agent of the agent as a sub agent is. incorrect statement. The general rule is that an agent can't delegate his. authority and appoint anot ( Full Answer )
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What is the reversal agent for pharmacologic agents?

The best word to describe the reversal agent for pharmacological agent is antagonist. these agent show opposite action to agonist(pharmacological agent)

How many agents are in Lego agents?

Agent Fuse, Agent Chase, Agent Swift, Agent Swipe, Agent Trace, Agent Alan and Agent Dmetrie.