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How do you get an agent?

I have an agent so trust me this answer is true. You can look into them on the internet, type in agencies on google. I suggest The Osbrink Agency, who I find very good: one (MORE)
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How do you get a talent agent?

You have to go to an acting SCHOOL for some experience, that's where the agents come in and find their clients that they want.
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What does an Agent do?

Answer . Legally the term agent refers to an individual that is authorized to represent another individual. In the world of entertainment and sports, an agent is an indiv (MORE)
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How do you get a agent?

Answer . have talent. NO you need to look on google or join the drama club
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What is agent?

I think it is when you give anwser
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What is a CSI agent?

someone who investigates clues at a crime scene. they are one of the most important people in the crime lab. CSI's are crime scene investigators they photograph crime scenes a (MORE)
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What is oxidizing agent and reducing agent?

An oxidizing agent is a chemical substance, which in a chemical reaction has a high tendency to get reduced while causing the other reactant to get oxidized.\n. \nAn reducing (MORE)
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How can you get a agent?

Go to Google and search agencies,and there's many choices you could choose but be careful of which one you pick, I got my head shot picture taken at some audition I'm waiting (MORE)
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IS A substituted agent is as good an agent of the agent as a sub-agent?

A substituted agent is as good an agent of the agent as a sub agent is. incorrect statement. The general rule is that an agent can't delegate his. authority and appoint anot (MORE)
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Who or what is a promisor's agent?

PROMISOR - One who makes a promise. A promisor is bound to fulfill his promise, unless it is contrary to law. Therefore, a Promisor's Agent is one who is authorized to act (MORE)
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What is a structure agent?

Do you mean what is a leavening agent? A leavening agent it is an ingredient that makes, doughs and batters softer lighter fluffier buy adding bubbles of air, carbon dioxi (MORE)
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Who is SNSD's agent?

SM entertainment. together with TVXQ, super junior, SHINee, f(x), etc...
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Why is it important to have an agent?

it is important to have an agent because first and foremost how can we sell athing withot a seller with it....probably,being an agent is a great job.
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What is a psi-agent?

A psi agent is an individual who has the apparent ability to manifest certain classes of anomalous phenomena or abilities. Typically this includes ESP and PK phenomena. ESP ph (MORE)
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Where the number for an agent?

hey this website is stupid because I'm a teen and I've already failed 2 grades so i rather go to or not cause its just people asking questions no (MORE)
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What does an acting agent do?

An agent's job is to search for work, arrange contracts, publicising, liasing with journalists, basically, making an actor's life easier so he can concentrate on his job. It's (MORE)
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What determines if an agent can act as an oxidizing agent or a reducing agent?

Ox idants (oxidizing agents) are capable of taking up electrons. The strongest oxidant elements are found in the upper-right corner of the periodic table (O, F, Cl), except th (MORE)
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What is home agent and foreign agent?

The home agent is usually a router attached to the home network of the mobile host. The foreign agent is usually a router attached to the foreign network.
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What is a E-agent travel agent?

Agents who offer solely on an online booking system are known asE-agents. With the use of the internet becoming increasinglypopular, agents in this sector are growing. In addi (MORE)