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How to get affiliation with Agha khan board?

By filling in the forms provided for this purpose and fulfillingthe conditions given in these application/registration forms anddepositing prescribed fee.

Who is the killer of Neda Agha- Soltan?

el asesino es Caspian su novio,quien la delato y la sigio entregandola al francotirador,el era un fotografo,debia estar con ella en la protesta,sin embargo el la dejo sola,y n (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Agha been in?

Agha has: Performed in "Daulat" in 1937. Performed in "Rangila Mazdoor" in 1938. Performed in "Kahan Hai Manzil Teri" in 1939. Performed in "Anuradha" in 1940. Performed in "R (MORE)