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Installed a new battery and alternator in your 1992 Lincoln town car your battery still goes dead but will start with jump but goes dead after car is shut off agin?

Answer . \nYou have a current draw from a accessory on your car. The hard part is where is it? I usually pull fuses/connectors/circuit breakers and look for a spark when re ( Full Answer )
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I need help why do I yawn so much I yawn atleast 40 times a day I dont know why and when I do yawn it makes me want to yawn agin its like I have to make myself stop its hard though?

Ether you are tired or you are not breathing in deep enough. I think you are not breathing in deep enough. Hope that helps! . More Info: . You are not getting the deep " ( Full Answer )
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Can a guy like you agin?

yes it is totally possible! like if you break up in like a fight then he may just say were over in the heat of the moment or if you broke up with him!
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Your friend was sexuly assulted yesterday who could you go to to get the people in jail besids the police you told them and they just told them not to do it agin?

file a case in courtgo to higher authority of police department tell the policeman who is not registering your case that you take this case seriously give him some intimidatio ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to sleep when you get home from school and then wake up in the middle of the night and stay up until you go to school and do it all over agin?

It is perfectly fine to sleep immediately after school as long asyou are not oversleeping or under-sleeping. Adults and teenagersrequire at least 8 hours of sleep per night to ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Charles S Agines written?

Charles S. Agines has written: 'God doesn't live here any more' -- subject(s): Christianity, Controversial literature