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Sentence with agitate?

Loud noises agitate Angela so much that she cannot endure them.
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How do you remove agitator?

You haven't said what machine - so that makes it impossible to give an exact answer. Some have a cap on top with a large nut underneath. Undo the nut. Some will simply twist o (MORE)
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What is an agitator?

The agitator is part on a washer. It is driven by a couple ofdifferent methods. The first is that the agitator is splined(grooves that are cut into the metal) and they slip on (MORE)
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What is the definition of 'agitation'?

Something that is being shaken or stirred, like when a washing machine is running and is agitating the clothes. Also, an emotional state of being upset or bothered.
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What is political agitation?

Political agitation is when a person urges people to do something.This involves some form of political activity or politics.
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What is a sentence with agitation?

I can't describe the agitation I feel when customer service says, "I'm sorry, that's our policy".
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What is latin for to agitate?

Agitare . See Lewis & Short for further reference. No matching link found.. No matching link found.. No matching link found.. No matching link found.. No matching link f (MORE)
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How do you spell agitate?

That is the correct spelling of "agitate" (to shake, stir, or stir up).
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Is agitated an adverb?

No. It is a past tense form of a verb, and may be used as anadjective.
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What it agitation?

Moving back and forth like a washing machine
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Is agitating an adjective?

It can be, for either use of the word (agitating pump, agitatingdemonstrators). It is the present participle of the verb to agitate, so may also bea verb or noun.
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What is the meanining of agitated?

extremely angry. using it in a sentence would be "my baby brother wouldn't stop crying and that made me very agitated."