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What is the definition of agitation?

Answer . moving with an irregular rapid motion, to stir up, to attempt to arouse public feeling. Answer . to stir up, to attempt to arouse public feeling, to move with ( Full Answer )
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Why wont my washingmachine agitate?

Could be lots of reasons. Most washing machines have a small pin on the lid usually opposite the hinges that pushes down on a switch when the lid is closed. Sometimes this pin ( Full Answer )
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Why is agitation necessary to get clean clothes?

Answer . easy. it works better to agitate anything when cleaning, not just clothes. Imagine washing your hands by just puting them in water and not rubing at all, some s ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of the word agitated?

Agitated . troubled emotionally and usually deeply; "agitated parents" . physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled" The word agitated ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the agitator out on a GE washer?

\nSweet talk it! It just sits on top of the shaft splines. Grab hold of the bottom and wiggle it around while pulling upwards. LOL
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Why Sabarmati basin farmers agitated?

The farmers were agitated because the highest priority for watersupply was given to urban areas especially during dry season. Thisalmost caused a riot in Gujarat.
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How do you remove agitator?

You haven't said what machine - so that makes it impossible to give an exact answer. Some have a cap on top with a large nut underneath. Undo the nut. Some will simply twist o ( Full Answer )
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How do you use agitation in a sentence?

Agitation is a noun which means anxiety or nervous excitement, the act of arousing public concern, the act of briskly stirring something or stirring up something. Example sent ( Full Answer )
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How an agitator help in cleaning clothes?

The agitator has several functions. It helps circulate the water around the clothes while helping the articles of clothing rub against each other to help clean them. The agita ( Full Answer )
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What is an agitator?

The agitator is part on a washer. It is driven by a couple ofdifferent methods. The first is that the agitator is splined(grooves that are cut into the metal) and they slip on ( Full Answer )
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What is a mechanical agitation?

Mechanical agitation is shaking with a machine . Examples include: . magnetic stir plates, which use a teflon-coated metal and magnets to automatically stir reactions. ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of 'agitation'?

Something that is being shaken or stirred, like when a washing machine is running and is agitating the clothes. Also, an emotional state of being upset or bothered.
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How does agitation effect reaction rate?

Agitation affects reaction rate by increasing the amount of collisions the atoms make with one another, therefore speeding up the reaction rate.
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How would you use agitate in a sentence?

agitate - to use inflammitory methods to irritate a responsive entity [eg. a person, a bacterium, etc.] "I attempted, unsuccessfully, to agitate her by intruding upon her per ( Full Answer )
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How do you agitate a bull?

it something red or "tease" it in a sort of way that gets them mad. Wave a flag in its face (its the movement that gets them angry)
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How do you overcome apathy and agitation?

Apathy: Find something you really care about and get more involved with it.. Agitation: Find out what is annoying you and avoid it, then find out what calms you (a nice relax ( Full Answer )
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Can aluminum be agitated by heat?

I assume all molecule's act the same.. once excited, they generate energy. Will wind and the sun do the same? If so will the interaction between the two generate a uplifting f ( Full Answer )
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Agitation for independence by Jawaharlal Nehru?

the agitation behind jawaharlal agitation was the united provinces fired at peasants near (RAE BARELI) and jawaharlal nehru wanted to go to the place where the peasants were f ( Full Answer )
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What is political agitation?

Political agitation is when a person urges people to do something.This involves some form of political activity or politics.
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What is a sentence with agitation?

I can't describe the agitation I feel when customer service says, "I'm sorry, that's our policy".
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What is the difference between agitation and mixing?

Agitation is the process of keeping a mixture that has been mixed in the proper mixed state required for the 'end' product. Mixing refers to the actual stirring of different ( Full Answer )
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What is latin for to agitate?

Agitare . See Lewis & Short for further reference. No matching link found.. No matching link found.. No matching link found.. No matching link found.. No matching link f ( Full Answer )
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Why is sugar more soluble when agitated?

The agitation moves saturated sugar solution away from the sugar crystals and allows new, purer water next to them. This essentially speeds up diffusion. The same amount of su ( Full Answer )
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Is agitated an adverb?

No. It is a past tense form of a verb, and may be used as anadjective.
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What is a mechanically agitated reactor?

I have used and assisted in the design of a reactor that we would use to make a sulfur slurry. The agitator was no more than a motor that provided constant mixing oil to ev ( Full Answer )
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How do you put agitator in a sentence?

Example sentence - The agitator in the washer was not working properly until the repair man fixed it.
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What does it mean when a person is called agitated?

When a person is agitated, they are generally upset or angered by something around them. It is not enough to make them fully mad, but it annoys them. It bothers them.
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What is the role of agitators in politics?

The role of an agitator in politics is to stir up the views of the people when it comes to controversial issues. They are meant to agitate for or against an issue.
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Is agitating an adjective?

It can be, for either use of the word (agitating pump, agitatingdemonstrators). It is the present participle of the verb to agitate, so may also bea verb or noun.
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What is the meanining of agitated?

extremely angry. using it in a sentence would be "my baby brother wouldn't stop crying and that made me very agitated."
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Is agitation an abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'agitation' is an abstract noun as a word fora state of anxiety or nervous excitement; a word for an emotion. The noun 'agitation' is a concrete noun as a w ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun of agitated?

The word 'agitated' is the past tense of the verb to agitate. The noun forms of the verb to agitate are agitator , agitation , and the gerund, agitating .