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What rhymes with ago?

bo do go ho io Jo lo mo oh no so foe moe poe quo roe row bow joe hoe low doe sew sow row slow mow toe tow gogh also ( Full Answer )
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How long ago was Egypt settled?

At least 5000 years ago. There is good evidence to suggest even longer than that.
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How many years ago is 1 billion seconds ago?

There are 60 seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour, so each hour is 3600 seconds. Multiply 24 to get days, and then 365.25 to get years, accounting for leap years. ( Full Answer )
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Exactly how long ago would you consider a while ago to be?

Depending on context, it could be weeks, months, or years. Also, some people will use it colloquially and not really give thought to the actual meaning. . Read more >> Optio ( Full Answer )
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What is AGO fuel?

AGO is a Diesel fuel used mainly in Africa. AGO carries a higher flashpoint above 66 that helps in the evaporation process due to the higher heat in these countries of Africa
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How long ago was ejuptions?

Do you possibly mean Egyptians? If so, they are still very much apeople and country in northeast Africa on the Nile River delta.
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How Carinval celebrated long ago?

Carnival was celebrated since 1885 when the French Catholic brought Carnival to Trinidad and Tobago.
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How was transportation 50 years ago?

50year ago bigger car, gallon of gas cost, roads were narrow and roughly, It take time to go from here to there.
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How energy was used long ago?

This is not really an 'answer' but more of a 'theory'. In current times, we tend to believe only what we can prove. Unless something is documented, it has a tendancy to be l ( Full Answer )
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What did cowboys eat long ago?

On the trail some of the more common foods cowboys ate are: beans, jerky (beef, elk, deer, etc.), and pork (salted and corned). Cowboys worked long hours over long distances o ( Full Answer )
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Where there computers long time ago?

Whether there were computers a long time ago depends on what you mean by "a long time." Charles Babbage had the first concept of a mechanical computer in 1812, but never ac ( Full Answer )
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How long ago was the BC years?

all the years before 1AD counting in the opposite direction, that is, the longer ago the bigger the number
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How many years ago was 2008?

This will change in about nine months, but as of right now 2015,seven years have passed since 2008.
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How long ago was Darwin's theory?

The theory, in abstract, was first put forward at the Linnanean Society sometime in 1858. On the Origin of Species was first published on November 24, 1859.
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What year was 600 years ago?

Take the current year, and subtract however many years you want to go back in history. So if the current year is 2011, then 2011 - 600 = 1411
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How long ago did the galazies form?

We believe that most galaxies formed shortly after the universe itself formed, about 14 billion years ago.
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What is AGO in oil industries?

AGO refers to A utomotive G as O il. It is a refined oil that most cars can use for fuel.
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How long ago is the 17th century?

The 17th century refers to the years between 1600 and 1699. Easy answer: 400 years before the 21st century (which we're in currently)
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What was the year 25 years ago?

The year is 2014, so if you go back 25 years, the year would be1989. 1989 was the year that UCLA won it's 7th consecutive bowlgame, the MLB signed a $400 million deal with ESP ( Full Answer )
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What was the date 638 days ago?

As of the date this question was asked, August 19, 2010, subtracting 638 days gives November 19, 2008.
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What happened 2010 years ago?

Jesus was born Actually the Romans were a bit liberal with the way they applied the start and the end of their years and got things mixed-up a bit. It was a beurocratic and ( Full Answer )
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What do we have today that we did not have 14 years ago?

we have growth in technology which was still in a process 14 years ago. a dramatic changes in automobile and agriculture. a fast growth of industrialization and environment.
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How long ago did Hinduism start?

Hmm, that's a good question. I looked it up and its supposed to be oldest religion ever so there is no specific date. Hope this helps.
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What is the name for a story from long ago?

It depends on how far back you go. In Roman times a story was known as a Romance: a term reserved for a particular type of story now.
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What year was it 40000 years ago?

The farming was started . ingots were used as money . the wheel was invented
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How the supermarkets were 20 years ago?

Have not changed that much in 20 years. Other than prices are a lot higher, and self service checkouts are more common now.
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Why did trexs die millions of years ago ago?

Nobody knows: some say it was because of a meteor that hit the earth and clouded out the sun. The plants stopped growing and that killed the herbivores. That left no food for ( Full Answer )
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How long ago was 47 weeks ago?

A quick calculation, as there are 52 weeks in a year, is add 5 weeks (52 - 47) then take off a year. A week is 7 days then 7 x 5 = 35 so add 35 days to 9th April making 21 to ( Full Answer )
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How Long ago was ago titanic built?

The first piece of steel for Titanic's keel was laid on March 31st,1909 but her preparation was continuing right up till Sailing Daywhen many rooms were still being painted.