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Do you have to agree to a divorce?

Both parties do not have to agree to divorce. Only one spouse is required to prepare a divorce petition and file the paperwork with the court. Each state establishes its own g ( Full Answer )
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She agrees but she wants her parents to be agreed?

First things first. Age. If she's 19, wanting her parents' approval can be considered normal. If she's 33.... it's not.. I guess you should also try to understand the kind of ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with agree?

Here are some double rhymes for 'agree': -degree (the only one with proper stress) -angry -hungry -filigree Two syllable rhymes with other than -gree are debris an ( Full Answer )
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What is verbally agreed?

This means that someone has entered into an agreement with someone else (shaken hands on) to exchange some goods or provide a service for some fixed amount of money. In some c ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with agreed?

speed need stampede impede concede greed creed indeed Peed rhymes with agreedfeed weed need indeed sneezed freed
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Do you agree with hunting?

If you're talking about ME personally, than yes. I have taken many animals this year. I would have to sit down for a while and brew a pot of coffee to count how many animals e ( Full Answer )
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What is the prefix for agree?

There is no prefix. The word agree comes from the Latin words ad meaning to and gratus meaning please
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What are synonyms for agree?

concur, be as one, symphatize, assent, see eye to eye, correspond, match, coincide, tally, conform, suit
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What is an agreed contract?

an agreed contract is when one person writes up a contract and ask the other person to agree to the contract and they will gain whatever the contract offers e.g Mobile phone c ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with agrees?

Appease, sneeze, breeze, please, peas, cheese, knees, bees, trees, tees, keys, munchies, teepees, countries, babies.
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Do you agree with 2012?

All I know is that I will have to when it happens no matter what it is.
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Is agree a noun?

No, the word 'agree' is a verb meaning to have the sameopinion about something; to concur; to consent to do something; tobe consistent with; a word for an action. A noun i ( Full Answer )
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What Does Ophelia Agree To Do?

In Act 1 Scene 3 of Hamlet, Ophelia agrees to reject Hamlet's amorous advances as her father instructed her to do.
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Why agree with the EU?

The EU is a valuable asset to all European countries, allowing free trade without tariffs and the ability to solve nation's problems together. The EU also gives the European ( Full Answer )
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What is the adjective for agree?

There is a derivative adjective, agreeable. But the presentparticiple, agreeing, can be used to mean "in agreement." The pastparticiple, agreed, can be used as an adjective me ( Full Answer )
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Do you agree with the Buddha and why?

Consider how the Buddha suggests that you lead your life in the Eightfold Path. These are all good suggestions for a person whatever other label he or she applies to themselve ( Full Answer )
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Is agree an adjective?

No, agree is actually a verb. However, you could make it anadjective by saying "agreeable." The past participle can also be an adjective (the agreed boundary).
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What is the adverb for agree?

The adverb for agree is agreeably. An adverb describes a verb. An example would be The elderly lady spoke agreeably to the young man who helped her across the speak.
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What did Hitler agree to?

This question is vague. Please clarify who, when, where, etc. so we can adequately answer your question. Thanks for using answers com and wikianswers com.
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Do you agree in a breakup?

well if they dont want to be with you then yes because you cant make them stay
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Why is your stomach not agreeing with you?

The big three: . A virus (i.e. influenza -- the flu) . Contaminated food (chemical or pathogen) . Drug reaction (prescription or illegal drugs) If you have ruled these ( Full Answer )
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Do you agree we are what we think why or why not?

The human personality is composed of information, so it is not unreasonable to say that we are what we think. Human beings have lots of other things than thoughts; we have org ( Full Answer )
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Is agreed a verb?

No. Agreed, meaning to hold the same view, is an adjective. A verb would be agree . As in "to agree with". A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a ( Full Answer )
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Do you agree in flirting?

Yes I do. If both parties are available, it is a cute playful way to get the others attention. It is also a way to break the ice and not be so nervous. Good Luck!
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Do you agree with bullying?

Simple, no, bullying is very dangerous. There has been many cases in which people have physically harmed or killed themselves due to low self esteem from bullying.
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Who agreed to the apartheid?

its not about agreeing; i believe its about standing for they believe in. their mother land taken by white supermacist to decide where/who/and how it gets used and who occupy ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun of agreed?

The word 'agreed' is the past tense of the verb 'to agree'. The noun forms for the verb are the gerund, agreeing, and the noun agreement.
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What is the verb for agree?

Agree is a verb. I agree with Jon. Jon agrees with me. We all agreed to go the the beach.
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Do you agree with Brinkmanship?

I assume you are asking about brinksmanship, where the government of a country gets as close to the brink of a disaster as possible, with the hope of getting the other side to ( Full Answer )
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What is the synonyms of agree?

The word agree means to be in unison with someone else. There are quite a few words that can be considered synonyms of agree. They include accede, allow, admit, grant, permit, ( Full Answer )
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Who did not agree with the abolitionist?

Before the US Civil War even many sound minded people in the North disagreed with the anti slavery abolitionists about slavery in the South. It should be noted here that even ( Full Answer )