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What did Pharaoh Hor-Aha do?

Hor-aha, the son of Pharaoh Narmer, continued the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt when he ascended the throne. Among his accomplishments are the building of the temple to (MORE)
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What is the meaning of 'Aha Punana Leo mean?

To bring to life language nest, it is the title of an organization that is trying to bring the Hawaiian language back to it's people.
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E pili mau na Pomaika'i ia 'oe you ka ha 'aha 'a?

What you have seems to be two Hawaiian phrases, joined together by the word "you." "E pili mau na Pomaika'i ia 'oe" means "May blessings ever be with you." and "Me ka ha`aha` (MORE)
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Why ethanoic acid ahas a lower conductivity than hydrochloric acid?

Ethanoic acid has a lower conductivity than hydrochloric acid because hydrochloric acid is very acidic more so than ethanoic acid meaning hydrochloric acid has a lower pH leve (MORE)
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Ano ang kahulugan ng ahas sa panaginip?

Ang kahulugan ng ahas sa panaginip ay maraming ibig sabihin nito una ang ahas ay parang naging simbolo ng manunukso buhat pa sa paraiso sa eden sa pagtukso kay eba, minsan pag (MORE)