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How Long is David Archuletas Ahem o.O?

ahem? you mean willy? LMFAO. yep brought my measuring tape out LAST TIME -- i think its about 10 inches:)
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Which Harry Potter character always says ahem?

Professor Umbridge. But she didn't excactly say ahem, but she said hem hem, but i guess it's the same thing, yeah, so, 5th book, Professor Umbridge.
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What is a sentence for ahem?

That is actually a sound. It's used to indicate someone clearing their throat. Sometimes, an author will use it sarcastically, to point out that a character doesn't believe wh ( Full Answer )
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Who was Ahemed Ghulam Ali Chagla?

He was the Indian god of wisdom, Legend says he can read minds and knows all knowledge. Also he was noted to have 3 arms. He lived around 1200-1300 and helped found the early ( Full Answer )
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How do you use ahem in a sentence?

And I'm going to find out if I - ahem - believe in myself enough togo through with it and, well, maybe get married, maybe not.