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Why do you say 'ahh' for dentists?

As part of a thorough oral exam, it is necessary to inspect the throat and tonsil area. When the patient opens their mouth wide and says 'ahh' it expands the back of the mouth (MORE)
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Can you guess where this phrase is from short blonde the waiter spilled ice down my back then I jumped up and my boob popped out Tall blonde Ahh I am sorry Short blonde Its okay I got nice boobs?

This is from Season 4 of Friends, The One With Rachel's New Dress. When trying to impress her boyfriend, Joshua, Rachel is caught in a sticky situation when her nightgown was (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Woman of Ahhs - 2008?

The cast of The Woman of Ahhs - 2008 includes: Nicole Braber as Bertie Lahr, Lioness Michael Challenger as Billy Bourque Stephanie Dixon as The woman of Ahhs Anouk Firmin as J (MORE)