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Is ahh an onomatopoeia?

No. Ahh is something that you say, you can not hear "Ahh". An exception would be if you were saying a machine was going "ahh."
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Why do people say Ahh after they drink something?

Whenever you drink something, you have to hold your breath. So that's why, after you're done taking a drink, there is that forceful exhalation of air. As for why it's not j ( Full Answer )
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Why do you say 'ahh' for dentists?

As part of a thorough oral exam, it is necessary to inspect the throat and tonsil area. When the patient opens their mouth wide and says 'ahh' it expands the back of the mouth ( Full Answer )
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What are the Ra ra ra ahh ahh plus lyrics?

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Caught in a bad romance Ra Ra-ah-ah-ah Roma Roma-ma GaGa Oh la-la Want your bad romance I want your ugly I want your ( Full Answer )
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What does ahh mean in English?

"Ahh" is an expression with several meanings. The three most popular uses of "ah" or "ahh" are to express understanding of what you just heard or read, an expression of relief ( Full Answer )
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What are ohh and ahh commonly used for?

"Ohh" and "Ahh" are commonly used as expressions of understanding after clarification. This intentional misspelling is commonly used online as part of internet lingo.
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Woman of Ahhs - 2008?

The cast of The Woman of Ahhs - 2008 includes: Nicole Braber as Bertie Lahr, Lioness Michael Challenger as Billy Bourque Stephanie Dixon as The woman of Ahhs Anouk Firmin as J ( Full Answer )