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What song contains the lyrics ah ah ah ah?

Answer Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin it could be clubfoot by kasabian. . I am thinking AC/DC. if it is indeed AC/DC then the song would be "Thunderstruck" from thei ( Full Answer )
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Which song contains the lyrics Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah?

I assume you are referring to Ashlee Simpson's my Head (Ah Ah Ah) or the one I'm familiar with is creator- by santagold! the beginning of true colors includes an intro wit ( Full Answer )
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What is ah b'wakawa pouss pouss?

Gibberish from the song "#9 Dream". It has no real meaning. It supposedly came to John Lennon in a dream.
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Which song has ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah in the lyrics?

great DJ written and preformed by "The Ting Tings" . "aint nothin' but the girls ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, and the boys ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah and the strings e e e e e e e ( Full Answer )
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Was Max Steele the author of Ah Love Ah Me?

The author Max Steele ( Henry Maxwell Steele 1922-2005) wrote the short story Ah Love! Ah Me! (1945). The story itself is viewable at the related link, and is collected in ( Full Answer )
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What does ah means?

open your mouth and make an emotion Did you mean "..oh.. ". In holy quran, when Allah mention something he will say "Oh...! Muhammad....", its seam like to say "you...! M ( Full Answer )
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What does AH stand for?

AH stands for Animal Herders. Animal Herders is a card game for kids that is similar to Pokemon but much more simple. The cards focus on a picture of either a clay animal o ( Full Answer )
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What is AH and CE?

AH stands for After Hijra. CE stands for Civil Epoch (the zero date of the Islamic calendar)
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What is ah cherry?

what is cherry you eat beaucse they is good vey bad on his and like !!!!!!! on is just you games kids with we had like we had so they and like we had do you had so we had so t ( Full Answer )
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What does ah-CHOT mean?

It means sister. It can either be a sister within a family (e.g. brother, sister) or it could mean a medical nurse.
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What does 'rah rah ah ah ah ruhma ruhma' mean?

The "hook" lyric from Lady Gaga's 2009 single "Bad Romance" has no literal translation. The full chorus wording is : "Rah rah ah ah ah Roma roma ah Gaga ooh la la ( Full Answer )
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Who sings say ah?

trey can be found on his third studio album "Ready" next time just youtube it
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Can you connect 100 ah battery with a 130 ah battery?

It seems so. The only difference between the two is the amount of charge each holds. Sure! But they should have the same voltages. In that case if you connect them in serie ( Full Answer )
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What is the AH in Warcraft?

The Auction House - Or The AH Its a Place in some major city's where players are able to post items they want to sell in a search engine from anywhere between 12-48hrs Ot ( Full Answer )
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What does ah nae mean in Korean?

Ahnae is the informal way of saying Buin which means Wife. Korean husbands will usually call their wives by the names "Buin" or Ah Nae."
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What does AH stand for in the Islamic calendar?

The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar called Hijra Calendar where its start marks Prophet Muhammad immigration (Hijra) from Mecca to Medina (both currently in the Kingdom o ( Full Answer )
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How do you calculate ah of battery?

You could put a know resistive load on the battery and then monitor the voltage across the load until the battery was at zero volts. Using Ohm's Law you can calculate the curr ( Full Answer )
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Why do monkeys make oh oh ah ah sounds?

They do that because they are communicating with other monkeys like female one and their best bodies like i know a monkey named BoBo and he does that alot, but then after he ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell ah?

That is one spelling of the interjection "ah" (realization, specification, or hesitance). Other similar uses are ahh , aah , aha , eh , er, and uh. Examples: "Ah, ( Full Answer )
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What love song contains ah ah ah ah ah?

Haru Haru by Big Bang. It's in Korean, but it does have 'ah ah ah ah ah,' though I'm not sure why you're asking this question...
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What is 6.6 Ah?

6.6 Ampere-hours, which 6.6 amps for 1 hour, 1 amp for 6.6 hours,or any other combination that comes to 6.6 when multipliedtogether. It is commonly used to specify the capacit ( Full Answer )
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Can you replace 2.3 Ah battery with 1.3 Ah?

If it's the same voltage, and can take the same discharge rate - yes. But it'll only allow for a little more than half the running time.
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How do you spell ahhed?

The adjective or adverb is ahead (forward). The similar adjective is ached (hurt). The similar name and surname is Anglicized as Ahmed , also Ahmad, Amad, or Achmed.
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What is AH?

After Hijra. The start of the Hijra Calendar when the holy ProphetSAW migrated to Madina.