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You got your hamster out for the first time today and she hissed at you and weed and pooed on your bed Also she kept running away like she ahtes me She is 8weeks old and is this normal?

You shouldn't be putting it on your bed. It's comfy for us but probably not for him. You should let your hamster sleep in the cage with natural bedding. You should always tame (MORE)
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How do you tell a friend you ahte them with out huting there feelings?

Dont be so direct about it.. dont just say i hate you. Just explain to them what they are doing wrong, and what makes them unattractive, personality wise.. they may take it i (MORE)
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What is the meaning of AHTS vessel?

The anchor handling tug is a naval vessel that is solely concerned with the objective of either tugging or towing an oil-rig or a ship. When it comes to oil rigs, these tugs f (MORE)