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What does AIA college degree mean?

AIA stands for American Institute of Architects and indicates that an individual is both a licensed Architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.
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What was AIA document A207-1997 used for?

It is a basic "Boilerplate"contract for General Contractor/Owner. It is adaptable to many different jobs and it is a great base to create a contract for those that do not have ( Full Answer )
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What are AIA Documents and what do they do for you?

Fill in the form on-screen: Print or Email the Form with your Data. Only available here. The # 1 construction billing software. This high quality program has more features, op ( Full Answer )
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What are aia documents needed for?

"The ""A.I.A"" documents are needed for when purchasing something from a company online. There are also other options when doing this like using your master card or Visa."
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What does the acronym aia stand for?

The AIA, or The American Institute of Architects, is the nation's leading program in the designing of buildings, structures, and the like. Their structures are repudiated as t ( Full Answer )
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What are the requirements for joining the AIA?

The requirements for joining the AIA, are people who have a professional degree in architecture, who currently work under an architectural supervisor, and are currently enroll ( Full Answer )
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What type of documents can aia software create?

The AIA software can create contact documents, really easily. Which they are really easy to make, create, and share all the documents that you may have.
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What are AIA Documents contracted for?

AIA contract documents are done by the AIA ( American Institute of Architects) when doing contract work for businesses. There are specific documents based on the size of the c ( Full Answer )
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Have AIA Insurance won any awards?

AIA has won several awards since 2009. These awards include Simplest and Fastest IFA Online Applications, Best Life Cover Plan, Group Insurer of the Year, and Outstanding Val ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Aias Manthopoulos been in?

Aias Manthopoulos has: Played Alekos in "O kloios" in 1987. Performed in "Epikindynos erotas" in 1989. Played Dimitris Argyriou in "Mavri hrisallida" in 1990. Played Alexis in ( Full Answer )