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What are the characteristics of a good first aider?

To be an effective first aider, a person need to: . be reliable and confident . be able to stay calm in an emergency . have a good standard of personal hygiene . be fit (MORE)
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What are the characteristic of a good first aider?

-Gentle. - Resourceful. -Observant. -Tactful. -Empathetic- you have to understand how your victim is. -Respectable-so they will believe in you as a first aider.You learn (MORE)
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Objective of first aider?

Assess the casualty - treat any wounds or injuries - arrange transport to hospital (if necessary)
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What are the Characteristics of first aider?

My idea to just combined these different answers from my research:) Characteristics of a Good First-aider: 1. Gentle - should not cause pain 2. Observant - should notice all (MORE)
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What is the job of a first aider?

Their job is to provide the FIRST aid. They are to provide what they know and not to cause further damage. They also contact emergency services.
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What are the qualities of a good first aider?

sympathetic, trustworthy, can control their emotions, observant, respectful, resourceful, tolerant and hold a current first aid certificate. I'd add in high level of global (MORE)
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Can a first aider administer drugs?

Legally, no... we're not allowed to administer drugs. For example, an asthma attack, when administering an inhaler you MUST NOT give the casualty the inhaler, you're not allow (MORE)
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Characteristics of first aider?

A first-aider need to be... A good communicator - you need to be able to ask the patient questions about their injury and listen to, and remember the responses in case the inf (MORE)
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Characteristics of a good first aider?

The ability to gain control and apply rational thinking to a situation . The ability to slightly disconnect from the situation. . Creativity and quick application of memory (MORE)
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What is the meaning first aider?

A First Aid is just the person that gives the FIRST aid. The treatment that is initially received. First aid could be just applying a bandage.
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Roles of first aider?

Very simple; to keep the patient alive and get them to a higher level of care.
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When can a first aider be sued?

A first responder must do all he/she can to sustain life and prevent further injury. A first responder is not protected legally if he/she acts irresponsibly or negligently i.e (MORE)
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What is the responsibility of first aider?

Doing everything you can to save someones life, without putting yourself in danger. To stay within the practice that you have training in. To stay updated on the latest techni (MORE)
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What are the three aims of a first aider?

The three aims of a first aider can be summarised as the three 'P's of first aid. They are also known as the principles or aims of first aid: 1. to preserve life by providin (MORE)
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What does a first aider do with the umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord of the newly born baby continues. to provide oxygen for the newborn for the first minutes after north. It should be left alone without clamping or cutting. (MORE)
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Can a first aider use saline?

Yes; medical saline is very useful for cleaning wounds without causing more damage. Don't make your own though; if you don't have any just use regular water, the cleaner the b (MORE)
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What is sport first aider?

a sports aider is a person who when a player is hurt goes on to the court or field and helps them