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What ails the Indian shipbuilding industry?

Answer . Poor productivity, poor quality, poor human resource, inadequate knowledge, poor strategy, poor management etc, etc.
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What ails India - Overpopulation or corruption?

India's main problem is it's so-called "democracy". India adopted "democracy" before it was ready for it. Both corruption and overpopulation are symptoms of India's main pro ( Full Answer )
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What ails Indian Hockey?

Anything to delve into the labyrinth of Indian hockey in terms of recapturing its glory and agony in international arena is an emotional strain. It's an admixture of delight a ( Full Answer )
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Where does Muhmmad Ail live now?

Muhammad Ali has his primary home in Scottsdale, Arizona. However,he also owns another house in the state of Michigan and Kentucky.
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Is aile diemco chines?

yes allie diemco is chines she is part chines i found the anser on googil and it sead im the reall allie diemco yes i am part chines.))
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What did Muhammad Ail do after he was a boxer?

he had sex with other people Muhammad Ali's 1981 retirement from boxing did not diminish his status as an international public figure. Despite suffering from Parkinson's dis ( Full Answer )
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What was Muhammad Ail real name?

His "given" name was Cassius Marcells Clay I may have misspelled his middle name though.. but yeah Ali name was Cassius Clay
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Words that ends with ail?

bail . mail . nail . fail . hail . jail . pail . rail . sail . tail . snail . trail . frail . grail . snail . derail . blackmail . cocktail . retail . detai ( Full Answer )
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What does ail or ailing mean?

"Ail" or "ailing" means when someone is ill. In the past, "ailing" also included the frail elderly. Now, most people just use the work "ill" or "sick".
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Why is Earth called an Ailing Planet?

Our Planet Earth!!! Our Natural Satellite 1 •Earth's natural satellites are like the moon. Earth has one natural satellite. Our Artificial Satellite ( Full Answer )
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Where is hazrat ail zulfiqar?

Hazrat Ali's sword, Zulfiqar, is kept in an Islamic museum in Turkey called Topkapi Palace.
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What is ailing planet?

Earth is said as the ailing planet because it is being utilised by everyone in the world. Everyone is destroying the forests. We must plant more trees not cut them. And if we ( Full Answer )
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What is a word that contains the suffix -ail?

Some words are easy like ail, bail, fail, hail, mail, nail, pail, prevail, quail, rail, sail, tail, trail, vail (archaic), and wail.
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Can education only cure ailing society?

Education can help cure society only when coupled with wisdom. Education without wisdom avails nothing. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge appropriately.
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How is the word 'ailes' pronounced in French?

'ehl' is the way that 'ailes' is pronounced in French. The word, which means 'wings', is a feminine noun in its plural form. Its plural definite article is 'les' ['the'], ( Full Answer )
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How old is Roger Ailes?

Former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes was 77 years old when he died on May 18, 2017 (birthdate: May 15, 1940).
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What is muhammed ail fame for?

If You mean Muhammed Ali, he was famed for being one of the greatest boxers in the world. He was also famed for his speeches he gave.
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What words ending with ail?

tail fail snail hail wail sail grail trail rail quail mail bail jail frail is that enough?
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What rhymes with ail?

pail pale nail quail snail sail sale bail ale kale mail male rail tail veil vale whale Yale
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How do you save the ailing earth from vehicular pollution?

Buy a new car! New cars produce much, much less pollution than old cars. In fact, advanced engine and fuel management systems, coupled with improvements in catalytic converter ( Full Answer )
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How to save the ailing earth from vehicular pollution?

I believe, electric, hydrogen, and nuclear are the best methods. as far as transportation goes. hybrids seem to be doing more damage than good, with the break down and replace ( Full Answer )
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How can we save your ailing planet?

Our planet earth is going to ailing. This is veery dangerous for us. We cannot get much food and cloths and other things. So we have to protect our planet by the following met ( Full Answer )
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What are some words that end with ail?

here are some words ending with ail: . avail . bail . cocktail . derail . detail . email . fail . fingernail . frail . hail . jail . mail . nail . pail . rai ( Full Answer )
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What was the name of the first country that was an ail to the US?

France was the first ally to the US. France fought alongside the US and sent aid to the country during the American Revolution. France was a big supporter of the US due to the ( Full Answer )
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How do you put ailing in a sentence?

Example sentence - Her elderly aunt had been ailing for years prior to her hospitalization.
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What methods were used to dispatch an ailing horse?

Historically, the British cavalry use an axe with a large spike at its end to dispatch a sick or injured horse. When the gun was invented owners would use it to end the life o ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell aile?

The likely word sought is aisle (a walkway, as between seats, or an interior space). The sound-alike word is isle , meaning island.
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What are some synonyms for aile?

There is no such word as aile in the English language. Since the word does not exist, obviously it cannot have any synonyms either. Non-existent words do not have synonyms.
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How to console for ailing parent?

One way to console for a person's ailing parent is to let theperson know you are praying for them.
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What has the author Ailing Zhang written?

Ailing. Zhang has written: 'Lust, caution' -- subject(s): Se jie (Motion picture) 'Zhang Ailing jing dian zuo pin xuan' 'Zhang Ailing san wen quan ji (Zhongguo xian dai ( Full Answer )