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What is an aims?

"something that you've dreaming of and you are working so hard just to achieve it"
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What are the Aims of biology?

1.acquaint w/ the nature of plants and animals. 2.develop scientific attitude and scientific method of thinking. 3.promote more healthful living. 4.provide profitable leisure (MORE)
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Aims of the IRA?

The aims of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) where to force British ruling and influence out of Northern Ireland and reunite the two parts of the country. They had many spli (MORE)
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Aims of Pepsi?

main aim of Pepsi is to provide their consumers with beverages and to make profit in a way of selling their goods too consumers
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What are the aims of the EU?

The EU has 4 main aims:. Free movement of people: allowing people to move from one EU country to another. . Free movement of capital: money can be easily moved from a countr (MORE)
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What are the aims and objectives?

The aims and objectives for business are usually revolving aroundmoney or sales. These aims and objectives include selling productefficiently and making the most money possibl (MORE)
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What are the aims of the un?

The UN is an intergovernmental organization that is designed tobring leaders from different nations together. Its goal is topromote cooperation.
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What are the aims Aims of tescos?

The main aims to increase sales and maximise profit, remain the best retailer, provide high qulity goods, value for money and variety of products.
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What are the aims of PETA?

Their aim is to stop animal cruelty. They are against animal testing.
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What are specsavers aims?

Specsavers aims to make glasses more affordable for everyone. This will encourage them to take better care of their eyesight by getting the regular recommended eye tests that (MORE)
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What are Facebooks aims?

to connect old friends or people who know each other that live far apart from each other
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What are the aims of sociology?

Sociology's aims at analysing discoursing interpreting and predicting human behaviour, therefor biological characteristic ,geographical environment ,grouplife and cultural fac (MORE)
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What are the aims of classification?

Classification is the process of slotting all the existing life forms into easily identifiable groups and subgroups based on certain shared characteristics, features, and beha (MORE)
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What are your aims in death?

You can have aims only before you die. Once you're dead, you're dead, so you are no longer able to set or achieve goals. Perhaps if you rephrase the question, it will make mor (MORE)
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What are the aims of banking?

aims of banking are the principle aim of a bank to improve thier cotomer servies ie that
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What is the aims of Minecraft?

before 1.0.0 there was no aim but now the aim is to go to the end using ender pearls and beat the enderdragon
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What are the aims of rastafarianism?

The main aim of the rastafarians was to create another religion whic didnot involve sacrificing of animals and to be a different group of persons.
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What are aims of businesses?

When you boil it down the aim or, I'll call it purpose, of business is to provide products or services that people want and/or need at the lowest possible cost so as to reward (MORE)