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What does jae vex voes aimer beau coup mean?

It looks as of you are thinking of Je veux vous aimer beaucoup - I want to love you a lot. However, it's a slightly odd thing to say. IF one loves someone one says Je t'aim ( Full Answer )
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In renegade squadron how do you move your aimer?

You cant actually move the aimer but you can automatically lock on to the nearest enemy by holding the R button. However, when using the incinerator, arc caster, carbonite fre ( Full Answer )
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What does moi aimer baiser sensuellement mean?

Baiser means "to kiss" but also means "to f..k" Using the verb "baiser" to mean to kiss is old fashionned although the noun "un baiser" is still used for "a kiss". To g ( Full Answer )
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J'ai simplement want to garder sur vous aimer mais tout ce que je sais que c'est que vous amourdans mes rves can you translate?

J'ai simplement . I have simply =. wanna want to (not French) =. garder sur vous aimer keep on top of you to love =. mais tout ce que je sais but all that I kno ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce the French word 'aimer'?

"Eh-mey" is a way to pronounce the French word aimer . The present infinitive may be heard pronounced in other ways -- such as "ay-mey" -- in French-speaking countries other ( Full Answer )
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What does Est-il car tu aimer moi mean in English?

This looks like someone with no knowledge of French tried to translate " Is it because you love me? " using a French-English dictionary. The correct way to say that in French ( Full Answer )
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Does anybody know what this means.. Je t'aime tellement babe et u signifie le monde à moi et votre la meilleure chose à jamais m'arriver et je ne cesserai jamais vous aimer?

The start, 'je t'aime tellement babe', is 'I like you so much, babe,' I assume that here the 't' of 'tu' has been missed out, 'and you mean the world to me and' here the wrong ( Full Answer )
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Je aimer vou voir langue Ils faire moi heureuse?

Literally says "I to like you to see language they do me happy" ... Je voudrais vous voir ma langue.-I would like you to see my language?
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What does the French phrase aimer mieux mean?

to like better, to prefer "Aimer" means "to like." "Mieux" is better. If you "love" something more, than you could say "adorer mieux." "Adore" means "to love."
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What is aimer in french?

aimer vt (d'amour) to love Elle aime ses enfants. She loves her children. (d'amitié, par affection) to like bien aimer qn to like sb J'aime bien Paul, on peut ( Full Answer )
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How do you conjugate the French verb 'aimer'?

Most French verbs that end with "er" (like aimer ) are conjugated by removing that "er" and adding the bolded letters as shown in the following: J'aim e Tu aim es Il/E ( Full Answer )
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What is the French phrase 'Je vais encore vous aimer quoiqu'il arrive Je le promets' in English?

" I'll still love you no matter what happens. I promise " is an English equivalent of the French phrase " Je vais encore vous aimer quoiqu'il arrive. Je le promets ." Speci ( Full Answer )
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What does j aimer mean?

J aimer is not grammatical, since aimer is an infinitive. However, j'aime means I like or I love.