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How do you get a AIM?

To create an AIM, go to AIM in the related link below. When you get there, look for a sign that says "Join Now" and then create a username, password and enjoy. Chat with frien (MORE)
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What is AIM?

AIM is way faster then texting Its a good way to keep in touch with friends from really far friends that live up the block and friends that can live with you:-) you can sign u (MORE)
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What is the AIM?

Aim stands for Aol Instant Messager. Aim is an simple Instant Messaging system used to easily chat with friends. There is a buddy list, and my favorite: Lifestream. All of you (MORE)
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What is an aim?

It actually means this. Goal or ambition for life.
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How do you get an aim?

To get an AIM, go to the link below. After you create your AIM you may want to download it on your computer, just go to
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Who has an aim?

I Have An Aim...But I'm Only Using It To Talk To Fans whats ya s/n
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How do you get out of aim?

Go all the way to the top of your Buddy List. On the top left you will see an option called AIM (not the bubble just the word). Click on it. The next to last option says 'sign (MORE)
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How do you get on aim?

You can either download the application form or use aim online from any computer by using Either way you need to make a screen name on the aim home (MORE)
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Who has aim?

I do my name is BB boss
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On aim what are aim bots?

AIM bots are automatic AIM Buddy's that can have polls, games, news, etc.
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What AIM is?

AIM is an Instant Messaging program.
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What are good aim bot for aim?

Well, if you really think about it, aimbots arent really that good. They never answer you back and it gets annoying kinda...
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What is lloyds aim?

Idk? Nobody knows... and which Lloyd you talking about... Lloyd the RnB singer. Well we don't know his aim, I don't think celebrities would give out there aim or whatever besi (MORE)
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What is keshas aim?

if u mean aim like AIM screen name it's: dogpilemyfaceoff i know that's a weird name but whatever haha she's crazy. my big sister's friends with her and I remember they used (MORE)
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What is the aim of commonwealth?

Commonwealth is a group of 54 countries. All except Mozambique & Rwanda were once under the control of Britain. These countries work for the common causes as per declaration o (MORE)
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What does steady aim do?

It steadies your sniper scope so you could snipe better
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What is the aim of robot?

The Robots are AI (Artificial intelligent). They are the inventions of human. Human made them for the purpose of his own use. But what if the robot is made by another Robot. w (MORE)
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What is the aim of cycling?

It depends on the cyclist. Many people cycling as a form of transportation, some use cycling as recreation, some people cycle for fitness, while a small group cycle competitiv (MORE)
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What is AIM in 1968?

AIM stands for American Indian Movement, which was a group of American Indians living in reservations that took over the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota. When they did so t (MORE)
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How you get a aim?

First go to and click on the launch aim button on the right hand side. Then they will ask you to get a username or sign in with one of these accounts. Click on get (MORE)
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Is it aim at or aim to?

"To aim at" is to target someone or somthing, usually with a weapon or some other projectile, such as a baseball, for example. "To aim to" is an in formal way of saying "to (MORE)