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Is there a Saint Aine?

Aine is Irish for Anne, therefore there is a Saint Aine, Saint Anne.
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What compound is AIN?

it's not AIN, it's AlN being aL. which is aluminum. it's aluminum nitride
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What rhymes with aine?

Cain deign fain feign gain lain main pain reign rain sane Spain slain skein vain vane
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Is Aine Ann in English?

Aine is the Irish (Gaelic) for the English name Ann or Anne
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What is AIN in Australia?

It means Assistant in Nursing. To be eligible for this, one has to undergo a Certificate III training, which is ideally of three months. They are responsive of caring the elde (MORE)
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What does ain t mean?

it means he is not ..Iam not ..she is not ...have not ....has not ....are not... ( is not & are not ) ex ; this ain t my shirt
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Is aine a freak?

not at all Aine is a kind loving gorgeous person :)
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When did Ain-Ervin Mere die?

Ain-Ervin Mere died on April 5, 1969 at the age of 66.
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What is the origin of AL AIN?

Al Ain , literally The Spring , also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, is the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the fourth largest city in the (MORE)
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Who was Saint Aine?

Aine is the Irish word for Anne. Saint Anne was the mother of theBlessed Virgin Mary.
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What is Ain-i-Akbari?

Ain-i-Akbari or Constitution of Akbar written by Abul Fazal, gives a detailed report of Emperor Akbar's administration.
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When was Pekka Aine born?

Pekka Aine was born on June 2, 1948, in Helsinki, Finland.
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What is the area of Ain?

The area of Ain is 5,762 square kilometers.
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Who is Ain pll?

A person with no vowels in their family name.