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What is pesto aioli?

Pesto aioli is a type of sauce. The sauce is made with basil,garlic, egg yolks, lemon juice, virgin olive oil, Parmesan cheese,salt and pepper.
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How is Aioli sauce made?

Basic aioli is a slurry of mashed garlic and olive oil. Sometimes a bit of egg is added, sometimes a pinch of this or that, but the basic aioli is olive oil and garlic.
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Where does aioli come from?

Aioli (eye-YO-lee) - (French) The French word for garlic is "ail." Sometimes called the "butter of Provence." History: It is believed to have originated in Provence, Fran (MORE)
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Where can recipes for Aioli be found?

You can find a recipe for Aioli at many websites. Some of these include: Taste AU, Chow, JamieOliver, AllRecipes, BBC, Epicurious, BonAppetit and CulinaryArts.