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What does 'on the air' mean?

Answer . "On the Air" means that the program is currently being broadcast live.. Most sports, news programs and radio talk shows are actually broadcast live, rather than (MORE)
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What is Aires?

To find out about this look at the link I will place below.
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What is gad-air?

GAD-AIR is Westchester County's leading Hvac company With a 5 starreputation. They are set the standards Quality hvac work in thelocal markets. They also do allot for the comm (MORE)
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What is an air-conditioner?

An air conditioner is any type of device that helps moderatetemperature indoors. An air conditioner does not have to be acooling system, technically a heater is also an air co (MORE)
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What do you use 'air' for?

Air is used for breathing. Breathing is used to introduce oxygen into our system. Oxygen is necessary for life. Without breathing in air we would die.
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Who aired the office?

The Office U.S. series aired on NBC. The Office British series aired on BBC.
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What is it like to live with no air-air?

mr Taylor told me that if i threw a squirrel out of the space station, the pressure of space being a vecum would make it explode. so i guess every living thing would explode
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What can you do in buenos aires?

Buenos Aires serves a handful of activities for locales and tourists alike. As the capital of Argentina, it is wealthy of structures that will feed the eyes and enthusiasm of (MORE)
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Are aires controlling?

Aires are extremely controlling! Anyone you ask that has a had a relationship can certainly clear this up for you. My Sister is an Aires, and My Ex-Boyfriend. Experience holds (MORE)
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Where is airing of the quilts?

In Tunkhannock, PA we have an "Airing of the Quilts" every October, as well as the Pennsylvania Quilt Show.
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Where will Naruto be airing?

if your talking about Shippuden and your in the US, then it is on Disney XD.
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When is tna aired?

thursdays: spike tv 5:00pm or saturdays: bravo 9:00pm
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Is aire a mixture?

Yes, air is a mixture. It is a homogeneous mixture.
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What is an airing date?

It is the day that the show comes on for the first time.
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What is aires rock?

airs rocks is a rock it make out of sand stone its call Uluru as well its have water on the sides and i more that 7km under the ground
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How does a surface-to-air missile differ from an air-to-air missile?

Surface to air is shot from the ground into the air at the target. Air to air is fired from another aircraft. Actually there is very little difference. just where the missile (MORE)
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What airs are in the earth?

78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 0.93% argon 0.4% carbon dioxide + and the remaining 0.3% is neon helium methane krypton hydrogen P.S I asked the question
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What are synonyms for airing?

ventilation, drying, freshening, aeration, exposure, display, publicity, utterance, vent
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When is jeopardy aired?

The local station decides when they air Jeopardy from 3:30 to 7:30 PM
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What is an air-to-air missile?

In air Combat, when an aircraft fires a missile at another aircraft, it is known as an Air to Air missile. The Sparrows and Sidewinders were air to air missiles
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When was The Honeymooners aired?

The tv show The Honeymooners starring Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, and Audrey Meadows aired 39 episodes from 1955-1956
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What airs on HBO?

HBO, once known only as a "movie channel", has since in recent years introduced tv series as well. Some of the most popular series being "Game of Thrones", "True Blood" and "B (MORE)
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What are the uses of air-?

The uses of air include helping plants grow, burning andcombustion, and allowing humans to breath.