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Why do you have beds?

we have beds to keep us warm at night time. when you buy a bed they come with ma tresses and a nice cosy duvet most people have one.
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How do you get in bed?

Most people sit down first, then put their feet up and recline. Kids may just dive in head first.
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What is bed?

A bed is something compfy you do naughty things in. Since you put this in the Food and Cooking section, I will assume that you mean the cooking term. A bed is the bottom ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a air bed?

i would get a new one or if its a hole glue it or get a patching kit
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Where can you get a bed from?

Beds can be purchased from many places. Many super stores sell themand all furniture stores sell a variety of them .
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Is compressing an air bed the fastest way to deflate it?

Depending upon the size of the air bed, compressing it (in order to force the air from it) can present an awkward challenge. The easiest method I have found for forcing the ai ( Full Answer )
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Does warm air make bed bugs come out?

No. While dry air may cause bed bugs to become distressed and wantto move it is technically only carbon dioxide or CO2 which attractsthem.
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Is there a bed on air force one?

Yes, the President has a private bedroom in the nose area on the main floor of Air Force One. The bed can be made into a couch when not needed as a bed. The bedroom can be acc ( Full Answer )
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How do you get out of bed?

Get up, splash some cold water on my face, and get a HUGE cup of coffee.
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How do you get into a bed?

There is no specific way. You can jump in, roll in, fall onto it, or any other way that pleases you. simpler answer lie on it pull the covers over you and go to sleep
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How do you get in your bed?

Step 1: Stand by the bedside approximately half-way down its length, ensure you have all the necessary equipment and note the position of bed-side tables, lamps and other obst ( Full Answer )
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Can i wash air beds in washing machine?

no you should not keep air beds in machine because this make clothes very weak and too dry that if we wash again it will just tear off clothes. i tried it........ so i m givin ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in your bed?

Sleep or what do you mean do you want me to say sex or masturbation perv.
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Why is your sleep number bed leaking air?

The connection between the air bladder and the inflation tube leaks. The leak can be eliminated by inflating the bladder to the desired ## PLUS about 5....then quickly disconn ( Full Answer )
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Can bed bugs live with out air?

they can only live around a day without air. i dont know why i said "only".
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What are the benefits of an air bed?

Air beds are good for camping, sleepovers, etc. They are easy to store after use. The simple air beds have been proven to be just as good as the more expensive air beds.
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Do air beds come with a warranty?

As with any item there are some styles of air beds that do not come with a warranty other than the manufacture 30 day replacement. Some companies will sell a higher brand of a ( Full Answer )
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Are air beds better for your back?

This is a matter of personal preference. Some people may sleep better on an adjustable air bed, and others never have any back issues related to sleeping on a regular inner sp ( Full Answer )
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Will an air bed provide enough support for a bad back?

It depends on your specific back issues, as well as your own body elements, such as weight, physique, and genetic inheritances. Air beds help some people, while others are not ( Full Answer )
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Which brands of air beds are sold by Walmart?

Walmart sells several different brands of air beds in their stores and on their website. Brands include Serta, Intex, Insta-Bed, Air Cloud and Simmons.
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Where could one buy an adjustable air bed?

If one was wanting to purchase an adjustable air bed, one could visit any store specialising in bedroom furniture. Websites that one should visit for an adjustable bed would b ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase an Intex air bed?

Amazon has a wide range of Intex air beds. The Ultra Plush Queen model is one of the more popular air beds, with an affordable price point of just $70.
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Where can one purchase pumping air bed online?

One can purchase a pumping air bed online at Walmart's website. Also one can log on to Ebay or Amazon and find a cheap one for sale on those websites.
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What sizes of air bed mattresses are available?

Air bed mattresses come in various sizes including twin, full, king, queen and more. The selection of materials and sizes has never been better than it is now.
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Where can one purchase an air mattress bed?

An air mattress bed can be purchased at popular stores such as Sears and Wal-Mart. Stores such as Mattress Warehouse usually have them in stock as well.
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Can you fix the hole in an air bed with any glue?

No, the air bed should have come with a patch kit to make suchrepairs (if not or if it was lost contact the manufacturer) useonly the patches and glue included in that kit as ( Full Answer )