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How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioner is a device which uses a special type of substance which readily changes from its normal gas state to a liquid one (Typically freon or another refrigerant s ( Full Answer )
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Air conditioning leak?

You need to have a system performance test performed on the vehicle. If it turns out to be a leak, and the system needs to be opened up in order for parts to be replaced, you' ( Full Answer )
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What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is the dehumidification of indoor air for thermalcomfort. In a broader sense, the term can refer to any form ofcooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection ( Full Answer )
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When was air conditioning ivented?

First of you need to define "Air Conditioning". Literally it means the conditioning of air which could be "cooling", "heating", "humidification","de-humidification or any comb ( Full Answer )
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Design condition of air conditions?

I think you are asking about "standard" air. It is 80 degrees F. dry bulb, 67 degrees F. wet bulb. (about 50% relative humidity). 29.92 barometric pressure. its a specific cas ( Full Answer )
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Chevy air conditioning schematic?

05 silverado fan works but no air from vents. This is an easy fixmost likely. I would take it to your local Chevy dealership or autorepair shop.
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Air conditioning vents do not blow air?

Question is too vague to provide a proper answer. Is the air conditioner compressor working? Have you checked the fuse? First off the question was formed using the word ( Full Answer )
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Why is the air conditioning not blowing cold air?

There are many reasons why it does not work: its temperature control may have been set too high; it may have lost all its refrigerant because of a leak in the system; its comp ( Full Answer )
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Why does air-conditioned air have a distinctive smell?

First what year of car, and what does it smell like? Some vehicles have a recirculation filter behind the glove box. Or the floor mat could have something on them that make th ( Full Answer )
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Air conditioning blowing warm air?

Your refrigerant could be low, but that fix all statement may not be it. You may also have some of the parts freezing up, a weak compressor, a thermostat that is stuck on he ( Full Answer )
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Central air conditioning not blow air?

Couple of reasons. First make sure the filters are not blocking the air flow. (Yes when they are too dirty they can actually do that.) Next may be that the blower is out. That ( Full Answer )
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State the condition of air conditioning?

The state of temperature and humidity produced by an air conditioner. . An air conditioner or system of air conditioners: a car with air conditioning. Control of tempera ( Full Answer )
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Why is your air condition blowing hot air?

1. The possibility that the setting switch is for blower/ fan or for heating and not cooling in air conditioners that have both heating/cooling system.. 2.The chilling compar ( Full Answer )
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Air condition not get cool air?

Depending on manufacturer and model of your A/C unit, it's possible yours is a air conditioning unit/heat furnace combo. Find online if they have an OFFICIAL website from t ( Full Answer )
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What is an air condition drain alert?

If your A/C drain pan becomes full of condensate and the water cannot escape, it could overflow the catch pan and damage your floor and/or the ceiling of the next level down i ( Full Answer )
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The air conditioning vents are not blowing air?

The most common cause of an air conditioner not blowing air is a plugged filter. Be sure your filter is clean.
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Does the carrier dome have air conditioning?

No. Though it is named after the HVAC company Carrier, there is no a/c in the dome. Because it is used mainly during the academic year when temps are at or near freezing, ther ( Full Answer )
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How do you service air condition?

Get a set of a/c gauges and put the blue hose on the low side and the red hose on the high side, connect the remaining yellow hose to a vacuum pump..... Vacuum the system for ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Air Conditioning Fuse on a 350Z?

It is in the fuse box behind battery you have to remove the plastic around battery and passenger side wiper plastic pieces to get to it!
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What is precision Air Conditioning?

precision air conditioning system is one type AC system which supply moisture less colling air.Generally we use it for electronics equipment or server room area.
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Why air condition compressor is overheating?

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Why was air conditioning invented?

The purpose of air conditioning is to make the air comfortable tolive in, by controlling its temperature and humidity. To prevent the chance of a person dying from a heatstrok ( Full Answer )
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WHY DOES MY Air conditioning blow warm air?

It could be a number of reasons. You could have blockage at the condenser or evaporator, you could have insufficient refrigerant, you could have a failed component or sensor. ( Full Answer )
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How does an air condition circulate fresh air?

Most Spilt or Window Air - Conditioners doesn't have any fresh air intake at all! ... These Air - Conditionersdoes have a purification system but it's only to purifyconta ( Full Answer )
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How do you clean your air conditioning air filter?

Air filters for home use are not user serviceable parts. The only way to solve the problem of a dirty air filter is to replace the filter as specified by the manufacturer.
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What is the function of Air condition in Air craft?

For keeping cool during ground operations. However, in light General Aviation aircraft, during the takeoff roll and climb out, the air conditioner must be in the off mode. Gen ( Full Answer )
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What does air conditioning do?

Air conditioning reduces the temperature and humidity of air in buildings. Air conditioning systems are commonly used in large commercial or institutional buildings to maintai ( Full Answer )