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Why is there air?

Answer . AIR!!! well , you see, air is there, but is actually carbon dioxide and oxygen. We breath in oxygen and produce carbon doixide. There are also other substances in (MORE)
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What is air?

Air is a mixture of various gases, chiefly nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%), and constitutes the breathable atmosphere of the Earth.Air pressure varies and is greatest at lower (MORE)
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How do you can air?

The same forced compression that is used for liquid propane, and all other compressed gasses
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How do you start a letter about improving air quality?

There are many ways to do so. For example, . Dear ... , . I would like to inform you about my thoughts upon improving air quality. I would like to do so in... . There are s (MORE)
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Where do you get your air from?

You blow out carbon dioxide, trees breathe it in, trees breathe out oxygen, you breathe in oxygen. It's the air cycle.
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Is air has silent letter?

Not exactly. Although the "a" and "i" are not pronounced individually, they are treated as a diphthong where the voice glides from one to the other in a unified sound. Another (MORE)
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What can air NOT do?

air can't kill you unless you breathe it in from a cigarette lots or breathe in carbon dioxide.