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How much is a 6 cents air mail stamp worth?

Sample Scott Numbers C40, C45 and C47. While most airmail stamps tend to be worth a bit more then regular issue stamps these are the most common and are valued at 15 or 20 cen ( Full Answer )
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When was air mail invented?

Shortly after WW I (around 1920) as a stunt by aviators to interest people in flying. After the war ended almost all of them were out of work.
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Who invented Air mail?

Airmail was first used in 1775 by John Jeffries and Jean-PierreBlanchard. The mail was delivered via a hot air balloon.
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Can you mail an air gun?

In the US, an air rifle that is unloaded MAY be mailed by US mail. An air PISTOL that has enough energy to be used as a weapon may not be mailed except by a Federal Firearms ( Full Answer )
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Can you send a Christmas pudding to Australia by air mail?

It would be highly inadvisable to send any type of food to another country without gaining prior Customs approval. Foodstuffs are a classic method for accidentally transmittin ( Full Answer )
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What is surface air mail SAL?

SAL mail is a cheap way to get mail to and from Japan. It cost less than usual air mail, but is usually faster than regular snail mail. SAL= Surface Air Lifted. Basicall, whil ( Full Answer )
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How long does air mail take us to ca?

Around a week if the post office is on time and everything goes well with no delays.
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When did air mail cost five cents?

One of the most elusive of early United States stamps is the imperforate five cent issued in 1856. Produced from a single plate, it is estimated that only about 150,000 were s ( Full Answer )
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How do you get air mail off a Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

First, you click on the Pokemon that is holding the air mail then,there should be a littile box go down to the word mail click on it then it will say read or take select take ( Full Answer )
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What is the mailing address for Air Asia?

It depends on what your problem is really but here are two... Airport sales offices... (BANGKOK, Thailand) Suvarnabhumi International Airport Departure Hall, 4th F ( Full Answer )
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Have a 5cent air mail stamp what is the value?

The US has issued dozens of Air Mail stamps, many with a value of 5 cents. You will have to completely identify the stamp to find a value. A catalog, available in most libra ( Full Answer )
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How does air mail work?

Mail is routed to a distribution center by a truck. Then it isloaded onto a plane and flown to whatever area or country that itis going to.
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Do letters to Dublin go by air mail?

If they are coming from outside Ireland, as Ireland is an island then it will go by e-mail.
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7 cent air mail what is it worth?

Value depends upon almost two many variables to answer: is it new? is in in good condition? how old is it? what series was it printed in? what country is it from? how many wer ( Full Answer )
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How do you send air mail in Pokemon Heartgold?

to send air mail(or any other type of mail in any game) you have to give the mail to a Pokemon and trade the Pokemon to somebody else so they get to read it.
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How many air mails to Bulgaria?

Only one air mail (par avion) exploited by the Telegraph and postal department under the Ministry of Telecommunication in Bulgaria
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How much is 11 cent air mail stamp worth?

That will depend on the exact 11 cent airmail stamp you have andwhat country it is from. The condition, cancellations, what it isattached to, watermarks, perforations and even ( Full Answer )
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Can you mail an air horn?

Depending on the country, you may or may not. You can also check with various postal companies' policies, such as UPS and FedEx.
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Do you have to use air mail for county Donegal?

That depends on where you are posting from. If you are posting from outside Ireland, then you would use it. That depends on where you are posting from. If you are posting fro ( Full Answer )
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What was the first air mail sent by?

The first air mail was sent by plane, oddly enough. It was a solicitation for a Discover Card, sent to Mr. Joseph Quimby, of Racine Wisconsin.
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Do you have to write air mail on an envelope?

In the US, at least, you do not .. or more specifically, you can write whatever you like on the envelope and it won't make a bit of difference how the postal service actually ( Full Answer )
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How much is air mail letter to the Philippines?

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