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Where is the mail?

Your emails consist of data packets transferred from a sending email client (sender) to the server, and retrieved from the server by the receiving email client (recipient). A (MORE)
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Can you mail an air gun?

In the US, an air rifle that is unloaded MAY be mailed by US mail. An air PISTOL that has enough energy to be used as a weapon may not be mailed except by a Federal Firearms (MORE)
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When were your mail mailed out?

You can expect that your mail will be mailed out the same day which you place it in a mailbox if you do so in the morning, or the following business day if you place it in the (MORE)
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How many days to send mail to Buenos Aires from New York?

depending on the day of the week it takes an average time of 5-6 days to send and receive the mail. It also depends on the time of day. If you send a letter after they have st (MORE)
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What is the mailing address for Air Asia?

It depends on what your problem is really but here are two... Airport sales offices... (BANGKOK, Thailand) Suvarnabhumi International Airport Departure Hall, 4th F (MORE)
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How did the colonist mail letters and get mail?

I think that men on horseback would go around collecting everyone's mail for them and delivering it to them. I think that they did that until maybe the 1700 or the 1800 when t (MORE)
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How many air mails to Bulgaria?

Only one air mail (par avion) exploited by the Telegraph and postal department under the Ministry of Telecommunication in Bulgaria
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Can you mail an air horn?

Depending on the country, you may or may not. You can also check with various postal companies' policies, such as UPS and FedEx.
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How do deleate mail on yahoo mail?

Click the message. Then, press Delete on your keyboard, or click Delete on Yahoo! Mail's taskbar. Note: Delete on your keyboard isn't the same as Backspace-Backspace won't (MORE)
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What you do to mail?

Actions you can take with E-mail (Electronic Mail): . write a message . attach a file . insert a picture . open a received E-mail . read a received E-mail . reply to a (MORE)
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What kind of mail is aim mail?

Aim mail is an web based free email account provided by America Online or AOL. The service is called this as an abbreviation of 'AOL instant messenger mail."