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Do air conditioners pollute the air?

No ... their purpose is to transfer the heat from inside to the outside. No harmful chemicals are released to the air in this process unless the A/C system has a leak, in whic (MORE)
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What pollutes the air?

What pollutes the air? . Cars because of the gas . Coal because it gets burn . Factories because of the smoke that comes out . Trash/littering . Killing trees . Gas
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How does the air get polluted?

The air gets polluted by us as simple as that we drive our cars with pollute our air we open factories that pollute our air.
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How is air polluted?

Ash released from a volcano, carbon monoxide released from avehicle's exhaust, and sulfur dioxide released from factories allpollute the air we breathe. Nitrogen oxide is prod (MORE)
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Who pollutes the air?

I couldn't think of much but i know that CFCs pollutes air it stands for CHrolo fluro carbons
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What pollutes air?

Examples: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulfur oxides, fluorinated organic compounds, dusts of any type and many others, depending on region and hum (MORE)
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Do air fresheners pollute the air?

Anything that adds material to the air that isn't oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor or argon can be said to be polluting the air. This would include air freshener, cologne, perfum (MORE)
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What is polluted air?

Polluted air is when particles of many other thing such as dust, garbage etc. go into the air and causes air pollution.
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What does pollution do to your air?

Air pollution has many affects. If it is in the form of gases inthe atmosphere, it can cause global warming and Ozone Layerdepletion. These gases can also condense within clou (MORE)
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Does air messages pollute the air?

If you mean "on air" as with radio and television, mobile telephones etc., then no they do not. They are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and are transmitted through this. (MORE)
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How do air conditioners pollute the air?

Air conditioners do not pollute the air when working but it is at the time of manufacturing when refrigerant is filled. During dis process some refrigerant escapes to atmosphe (MORE)
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What is air polluted?

anything or anyone polluted by dirty air is air polluted.
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How can air pollutions be removed from the air?

cent % is not possible, but certain level we can i.e. . 1. obstruct to grow the populations, urbanization, industrialization etc. 2. Using vehicle to be reduced. 3. Incre (MORE)
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What is clean air and polluted air?

Clean air and polluted air... they are two very diffrent things.. The diffrence between them is clean air is good for our enviorment its fresh and clean good to breath. But po (MORE)
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How does pollutants get into air?

human activities such as driving cars, the harmful gas produced by the car has a lesser/higher density than air thus it floats up to the air (i forgot if is lesser or higher d (MORE)
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Who pollute the air?

Everyone pollutes the air to a certain degree. Everytime someone uses a cooking fire, electric stove, automobile, throws away trash or garbage, or even excretes bodily waste, (MORE)
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What are pollution of air?

Polution is a contamination with dust, nitrogen, carbon, sulfur oxides, ozone, organic compounds, metals and other contaminants, depending on the region.
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What is air pollutions?

air pollution is when you see that black stuff in the air